The Jewish Marks of the “Beast of the Apocalypse” and how they relate to the Church.

The perfect definition of AntiChrist is a “God against God.” This comes mainly from St. Paul (The Man of Sin) and St. John. St. John is the only one who uses the word AntiChrist. It is generally accepted that the AntiChrist’s would be a high priest. 1. The first true AntiChrist’s were Annas and Caiphais, but it was Caiphais who plotted Christ’s death. Caiphais represented God the Father who has God the Son killed, hence A God against God. (AntiChrist). You will find that most of the symbols of AntiChrist is a reflection of the Jewish faith, the two horns (Moses) The two horned miter or head covering the priests wore.

St. John did not write, six hundred and sixty six, he wrote 6 three times. This is a reflection of woe, woe, woe. Woe is a strong term that is usually associated with a warning or judgment from God. So by repeating it three times means this is a very serious warning as with 6-6-6 (the imperfect state) of the Jews.  Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying one of these AntiChrist popes won’t be of Jewish descent and a Catholic Convert. (Some say Paul VI was). This is possible, but the other Vatican II popes were not all Jews.
When Pope John XXIII called the Vatican II Council, he stated that he wanted to bring all the Christians together. But that was a half truth, what he meant was ALL the RELIGIONS together. Common sense tells us that the only way we are going to bring all the religions together is to make Jesus just another prophet. This is the reason why they began forming and printing these new Bibles. The one main change was when they changed Isaiah’s 7:14 prophecy of a “Virgin shall conceive.” to “A young woman is with child.” This one change alone makes Jesus just another prophet, but this letter is not about all the heresy’s coming out of the Vatican II Council but the reason for the Heresy’s.  So, once you make Jesus just another prophet, the church has reverted back to the imperfect state of the Jews, hence 6-6-6. And now woe, woe, woe makes perfect sense. (2)
The Jewish faith is based on the Six days of the creation with God resting on the seventh day. So seven became the symbol of perfection and began to represent the Messiah. Just briefly, that’s why they have the seven branch Candelabra stand in the Temple. The one in the middle represents the Messiah and it’s not lit until the Messiah comes into the world. The Mark on the hand and on the Head is a reflection of a slave of God imposed on to the Pharisee’s by God and is called Phylacteries which the Jews still wear to this very day.  So again by joining up with the Jews and making Jesus just another prophet, we have all accepted some of the Marks of the Beast. The Synagogue of Satan.
In as much as St. John & St. Paul was pointing to the Chair of Moses they were also, in the future sense pointing to the Chair of St. Peter. The Apostles were pointing to the future high priest who will take over the chair and become a false god against the true God (AntiChrist).
 Of course most Catholics conclude the absurdity of the AntiChrist ever becoming a Bishop of the Holy See, but that was before Paul VI signed the heretical decrees of the Vatican II Council and all the other changes that came with it. I would like to mention that this council is a none ending council. It’s programmed is to continue the Inter Faith Gospel until all of its goals are completed and everyone marches off to Jerusalem.
As I mentioned before, this is the Spiritual part of the Beast. Simply put the Physical part of the Beast is this secular, liberal Democracy being enforced by the European Union, the United Nations and the I.M.F. Bank. There all on the same team. I must mention the down-fall of Babylon as not to cause confusion. AntiChrist number 5, Francis has been so turned off that even conservative Catholics are disgusted with him. It’s been a rough year for AntiChrist Francis. First Britain voted to leave the E.U., which he whole heartily supports, The Russian Orthodox Church has distance themselves from him. The Prime Minister of Israel Netanyahu and Francis are complete opposites and the President of the United States, Donald Trump favors Israel over Rome and so it goes, Babylon is starting to fall. In President Trump’s Afghanistan addresses, he told the Afghan people that he was not going to push this sinful Democracy on to them and that they can have the Religion and Government they want providing they stop fighting.
What this means for Traditional Catholics is it will slow down the liberal sins spreading around the world but unfortunately this will not affect the status of the Councillor church and the Inter-Faith Gospel. Mostly all the conservative Cardinals are either in or are going into their retirement age. The “Great Apostasy,” lasts ABOUT 50 years and it will be 50 years on November 19, 2019 This was the day in 1969 that Paul VI publicly rejected the pleas of the Faithful to stop these heresies.
Grace be with you, In Christ, Joseph B. D. Saraceno
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