The Hypocrisy of his highness Bishop Sanborn & many of the prima donna Fathers

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Again, in bringing up the problems we have with Traditional Bishops and Fathers is because it is a MORTAL SIN to divide the faithful. When Bishop Sanborn alludes to, as a (Cassiciacum) Thesis and being a Sedeprivationists, he indicates that if these Vatican II popes were to repent they could become lawful Popes again. Not only is this ludicrous but shows he and many other Fathers continually ignore the Holy Scriptures and Church teaching related to these issues.

This is not to exclude many of the Sede Vacantists who wish for a true future Pope being equally guilty. It’s also a mortal sin to dream false dreams. One false dream is a an erroneous interpretation that after the Biblical Chastisement of fire, the heretical novus ordo hierarchy will be wiped out and we will regain the Holy See.

So, let’s see what the Scriptures say on this: “For is is impossible for those who were enlighten, who have both tasted the Heavenly gift and become partakers of the Holy Spirit… and then fallen away, to be renewed again to repentance.”  Heb. VI: 4-6, SINS against the Holy Ghost cannot be forgiven. Luke 12 10.The book of the Apocalypse confirms, even after the Chastisement of fire, the AntiChrist forces whoever survives will not and “Did not repent.,”16:10… and the voice of the Bridegroom and the Bride will not be heard in thee anymore. 18:23.
Scriptural Prophecies are not conditional, nor can they be changed anymore than our Lord could have stopped His Crucifixion. John 10:35.
Once again I prove and Father E. S. Berry confirms (1921) that the star who falls from heaven and opens up the gates of hell which leads to the first AntiChrist was pope John XXIII. I also place most of these Vatican II popes in the scriptures. Apocalypse 9. These are FACTS not theories.

The dispute on the 1943, 1955 Missal issue needs to be set aside and accept the fact that we are NEVER going to have another true Pope again and work together in bringing our Lord back again on that Last Pentecost Sunday, which the west does not get because its Middle East Time.
May God have mercy on us all and may the Heavenly Gift remain with us until he arrives.
Grace be with you, in Christ, Joseph B.D. Saraceno