The Holy Ghost died at the Vatican II Council says Mario Derksen and CMRI

doveIn the last issue in the Reign of Mary Magazine, CMRI uses Mario Derksen as their ploy and diversion to confuse the faithful by going into the past and showing all the past problems of the Church. This is by the way a tactic that non-Sede-Vacantist do all the time.

They do it knowing that once a council rules on doctrinal matters it applies for all times, such as with the Immaculate Conception. Once it was declared a dogma it ends all discussion on the matter. Vatican Council I ruled in the 1870’s on Papal Infallibility and the Perpetuity of the Papacy.  CMRI always quotes the infallible teachings of this Council to support their Sede-Vacante position but they sidetrack when it comes to the perpetuity of the papacy section by pointing to the interregnum breaks in the papacy. This is the same as saying the Vatican Council I Fathers erred and is misleading in their definition. So, Mario Derksen and CMRI put themselves above the Dogmatic Council in fostering their agenda. This council makes it very clear that the Church has never had a break in the line of Popes, which includes all Anti-popes, Schisms and all the rest, again except for DEATH and a RESIGNATION.
Anyone with any simple logic knows why they do this.  It’s because Fatima is their money maker and  they are stuck with their Fatima thesis which they constantly preach at their October Fatima conferences, in quoting Our Lady of Fatima that, “In the end my “Immaculate Heart will triumph” means that the consecration of Russia will someday be done. So, how are you going to consecrate Russia without a pope?

I’m surprised they haven’t asked the master deceiver, Father Gruner,  to lecture at their Fatima conference, after all he is referred to as the “Fatima Priest.”

What is being done here is to get the faithful to ignore the Bible and Doctrinal teachings of the church by putting Sister Lucy and these private revelations above the Apostles and the Deposit of Faith. What CMRI, Derksen and Gruner are saying is that money speaks louder than principle and the doctrines of the faith.  To accomplish their goals they have to undermine the truth because truth exposes everyone’s weaknesses, errors, pride, egos which gets in the way of their ‘holier than thou’ attitude.

Again, in quoting Fatima messages, they also quote the second part of the supposed La Salette message given many years later which was NEVER approved by the Church and put on the index of forbidden writings by Pope Benedict XV.

They allude to thesis “that only a Pope can bind agreements and bring unity.” And what if the Pope is a BAD Pope? No Pope can bring unity if he teaches a doctrine at variance with the Apostles.  John XXII taught that one could not go to Heaven until Judgment Day—just making a comparison. My point here is that TRUTH is not what the Pope binds—all he does is dogmatize it—; truth is what has to be accepted by the faithful (but I guess that’s too confusing for them.)

My dear faithful, I and the Scriptures PROVE and make it very clear, that once the Chair of Peter is taken over by the AntiChrists the end result is the Second Coming of Christ. There is no RESTORATION. That’s why they refer to the Vatican II church as the “Modernist church.” Well, does that make them still the CHURCH? No my friends, the Vatican II church became the APOSTATE church, “The Beast of the Apocalypse,” and the Church has become the Remnant few.

I have given all of the Fathers 17 mysteries of the faith for the last 45 years, that cannot be refuted to this very day.
 My friends, the Holy Ghost did not die, He’s being ignored by being replaced through their CULTISM. Pretty soon it will be too late for them to make the correction. One cannot put the Priests, Mass and Sacraments above the TRUTH. Doing that just makes us Idolaters. Man does not live by bread alone but by EVERY WORD that proceeds from the mouth of God.” Back then it was the “Showbread” in the tabernacles.

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Grace be with you, In Christ, the prophet, Joseph