The Four Marks: A Catholic Paper ~ November 4 2016 m/o Holy Souls

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Well, my Friends, after forty-nine years of traditional Catholic Apostolic work, I feel vindicated over the fact that I helped play a major role in keeping Satan from defeating the Church. From influencing Francis Schuckardt, who at the time had just left his position of Secretary of the Blue Army and began a traditional Catholic movement against the heretical decrees of the Vatican II Council.

This movement started out as the Fatima Crusade, which is now called CMRI (Congregatio Mariae Reginae Immaculatae). Coincidentally at the time, as a Blue Army member before meeting Schuckardt, I witnessed the sad moral state of the Catholic Community as a result of the sins of the sixties.

During this time we were introduced to the mini-skirt, topless bars, drugs, beatniks, flower children, draft dodgers and the shooting of President Kennedy, Robert Kennedy, Martin Luther King and Governor Wallace. Because of these events I started doing some soul searching by adding biblical studies to support my spiritual edification.

As a result, because of the revelations of the Miraculous Medal and the Book of the Apocalypse, chapter 12, where we have a woman clothed with the sun, the moon under her feet and a crown of twelve stars, I decided to make banners to reflect God’s scriptural word with a four-pointed sun being eclipsed by a full moon having twelve crosses and the first of Our Lady’s approved Marian apparitions, starting with Our Lady of Fatima.

My goal to combat this sinful nature of the Catholic Community at that time. These banners would be distributed to all the Rosary and Cell groups throughout the country. However before I finished my second banner, which had Our Lady of Guadalupe in the center, I became aware of the Vatican II Council and the changes that were coming. The irony of it is now, these banners, more so, reflected the Church going into the wilderness in Apocalypse 12. I found out, later, that the EU flag comes from the same chapter of the Apocalypse.

Unfortunately both banners disappeared on me. The Fatima banner got misplaced from CMRI and wound up with Fr. Brey and he died before he could send it back to me. The Guadalupe banner was stolen from San Coronado Mission in the Los Angeles area. Nevertheless, I was able to have pictures made to replace the banners and sent them out with my literature and C/D’s on Christ’s Return and the Beast of the Apocalypse, to those who subscribed.

As the Sede-vacantist movement began to grow we had the new electronic wonder device of the internet introduced. Before the internet, I was using phone books and the mail as well as whatever Catholic papers would run my ad. However, as time went along, these papers began dropping my ad after they became aware that I had these Vatican II popes listed as the AntiChrists of the Bible, not to mention Billy Graham as the main false prophet.

By this time, I accumulate a large number of names of traditional Catholics. However, one problem we sede-vacantists had was that most of the traditional papers were not sede-vacantist. As I continued to look for places to run my ads, I was able to find some conservative newspapers where I could run my ads. Believe it or not, I even got a KKK paper, called the Christian Vanguard, to run my ad and they even helped me to expose Billy Graham as a traitor he became. Then, one day, the Catholic Family News wrote a full page article by Christopher Ferrara condemning the Sede-vacantist position.It just so happened at the time that one of the conservative papers I was advertising in was called the Northern Light by Kathleen Plumb and her husband.

Catholic Family News infuriated an acquaintance of mine whom I met over the internet named Dan Capodilupo. Dan called me and asked to start our own newspaper. It was good timing because I had just a few months before found out that the Plumbs were traditional Catholics and I had discussed with Kathleen whether her paper could not become a traditional Catholic paper. Her response was that she would need 2-4 thousand dollars and hundreds of names.

At this time I also became friends with another traditional Catholic, John Maffei, who had his own traditional Catholic website and store called Catholic Counterpoint. So I called John and asked him if he wanted to help with a new Traditional Catholic Newspaper, upon which he agreed to contribute financially and provide a list of names. So, in contacting Kathleen, I told her we had the support she needed to make the changeover.

The first thing that was done was to campaigned for a title for the Newspaper over the internet. This helped draw interest in the Newspaper and the name, Four Marks, won the contest.

To make a long story shorter, it was agreed upon that the paper would be mostly controlled by the laity. Unfortunately once the Fathers became involved, they began to impose and regulate their censorship on the paper. John Maffei was the first to go over his major conspiracy positions. I was next because of my AntiChrist and Second Coming advertisements. Then, finally, Dan Capodilupo removed himself over a disagreement with Fr. Hughes’ over natural birth control, Dan wanted to have more children and his wife didn’t which caused a separation in their marriage. Once the Fathers began dictating policy, the lay people who were allowed to have their articles printed had to follow the Fathers positions.

However, during these later years I see where things have changed to where more laity are writing then the religious. Unfortunately these new lay writers have all joined up with the restoration and cultism band as exemplified in Steven Heiner restoration web site, using CMRI’s Fatima’s prophecy of, “In the end my Immaculate Heart will Triumph.” Of course she could NOT mean, “The End of the World.” that would not fit in with a future true Pope. Adding now a new arrival of Timothy Duff and the cultism mentality with his propagating of Mary of Agreda—who promotes a different version of the Bible.

Once again, dear friends of the faith: One has to understand that Catholics are only obligated to accept the deposit of faith. That is the Hierarchy united with the Pope, Tradition and the Bible. Private revelations have no jurisdiction on the faithful, even those that are approved by the Church.

Also there is no such thing as new Divine Revelation. The Bible has everything we need to know from the beginning to the end of the world. In the case of future prophesies however we can not know who the AntiChrists are and the False Prophets until they come into the world, as in the case of Paul VI, and his successors, Rev. Billy Graham and his replacement.

As I have stated in my “Fidelity Among Traditionalists” Letter, 2001, cultism, elevating private revelations above the deposit of faith, is ONE of the main reasons traditionalists are divided today and was as well a main factor in the success of the Vatican II agenda.

Father Thomas Martin was the Pastor of the San Conrado Mission and headed the Padre Pio Rosary group at Our Lady Queen of the Angeles Church at downtown Los Angels, CA. That’s how I became a Patron Son of Padre Pio in the 60’s.

Grace be with you, in Christ, Joseph

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