The Forty Seven Year on-going Traditional Catholic Problem

Pope Leo XIII in his Encyclical on “The Unity of the Church,” indicates to us that, it is as wrong to divide the Church as it is to fall into heresy. Why is it then that unity among the Traditionalists is lacking? Sure most agree that the V-2 Council is not Catholic and we all wish to preserve the Faith as it was at least before the new Pentecost, but that’s where it ends.

On recently visiting with a traditional priest in the northern CA area, he was quick to point out how he supposedly thought, an independent traditional priest he knows, was putting Benedict XVI in the canon. Later I found out that this same priest wasn’t a sede vacantist, yet he has a Thuc line Bishop. It occurred to me that if the priest from northern California takes the “Material not formally ,” papal position, or that Rome is involved in heresy but these V-2 popes are materially in charge of the structure of the Church? then he should be putting these current (popes) in the canon also, no?

We have had at least one material heretical Pope in the past that everyone is aware–Pope John XXII. Yet I’m sure everyone kept putting his name in the canon. I know another priest who left SSPX to become a sede vacantist and later was consecrated a Bishop and then changed his position back to a similar “materialiter non formaliter” position. Of course there was the Thuc line Bishop who introduced the “Material not Formally, Cassicscum thesis” in the first place. My contention is since Archbishop Thuc was a declared sede vacantist then all those who were ordained and consecrated by him and his line should have stayed with his position.

Why all of the diversion? The fear is generated by Vatican Council I in 1869 in dogmatizing what the Church has always accepted, in regards to the status of the Popes having the gift of Infallibility and the promise of Perpetuity. “Can the Church Exist Without a Head?” The sede vacante opposition proclaims. Even one traditional newspaper stated, “This is the biggest crises in the history of the Church.” Well, hello! shouldn’t we all have seen this? Then again this same paper later quotes someone else saying, “Oh, the Church has had bad popes, bad councils before and survived.” Again the fear of the Vatican Council I.

2017 is fast becoming the year of decision for Traditional Catholics as SSPX may finalizes there negotiations with apostate Rome. Will the Cassiciacum Thesis adherents’ Fathers follow in their footsteps?

Since it was Paul VI who was responsible for the legalization of the decree’s of the V-2 Council what needs to be decided by the non sede vacantists is whether the V-2 Church is still Catholic. If you believe it is, then you all should join up with SSPX and stop promoting dissension among the sede vacantists.

Sede Vacantists also have the Vatican I council fears. It’s findings against these V-2 Heretical popes overwhelming as it may be, they stumble when it comes to the second half of the papal dogma of the council, that of the perpetuity in the line of successors. To offset this dilemma, their solution became that of the, interregnum, the period between vacancies from the death of a pope to the election of another pope. Exactly the point, the Church makes is very clear “…That this primacy of jurisdiction should pass to St. Peter’s successors in an unending and unbroken chain.” The Cjurch tells us that we have NEVER had a break in the line of Popes accept for death or resignation.” Up until Paul VI. By using the interregnum definition implies’ that we are going through a temporary break between popes without any conclave or that somehow God will give us a true Pope in the future? But how and where is this pope going to come from? What makes matters worse, even many of the Traditional parents see their children leaving the faith all together in pursuit of the World.

Most mysteries of the faith are explained by Christ and by current events. Divine revelation pertaining to prophecies and events are in fact Decrees. The Second Coming, the Great Apostasy (schism) The AntiChrists, etc. are all decree’s. These prophecies are not conditional nor can they be changed. The following are some prophecies that apply to these events.
And I saw a Star fall from heaven upon the earth, and there was given to him the key of the bottomless pit. (key of opening hell) Apoc.9. whose revolt from the church shall lead directly to the reign of the AntiChrist. (1) and again…
In this case the Star which falls is (pope) John XXIII who opens the gates of hell, (V-2 Council) which leads to the reign of the first AntiChrist (man of Sin) PAUL VI and he begins the Great Apostasy which concludes with the Second Coming of Christ. To predict a contrary conclusion would be encouraging a false hope. Most of today’s Traditional Fathers can hardly meet their financial obligations and I would guess that 70% of these congregations are made up of the elderly.

Even the scriptures give testimony to the fact that even after the Great Chastisement there is no indication of a turn around. In Apocalpse 16:10. “and they did not repent..” 18:23 “and the voice of the Bridegroom and the Bride will not be heard in thee anymore.” 18:4-5 Go out from her, my people….For her sins have reached unto heaven. (the Mass).
Even St. Paul verifies, “For it is impossible for those who were once enlightened, who have both tasted the Heavenly gift and become partakers of the Holy Spirit….and then have fallen away, to be renewed again to repentance.” Heb. VI:6

Now let’s compare this with what the Traditional Bishops are saying.

Bishop Pivarunas: “St.Paul…foretold the signs of the end of the world-the apostasy and the coming of the Anti-Christ (2 Thess. 2:3). Since Vatican Council II and the false ecumenical Church that emanated from it, these prophecies are being realized. March 30, 2007. The Reign of Mary. and “….if these token changes mislead naive souls with the false hope that the Conciliar Church of Vatican II will return to tradition. NO,….” Dec. 21, 2006 The Reign of Mary.

Bishop Dolan: “The hierarchy is gone, the Jews, the Masons and the modernists have infiltrated the Church and slowly replaced it–almost entirely–with a counterfeit reality, the new one-world church.” St. Gertrude The Great Newsletter Summer 2007 No. 94

Bishop Donald J. Sanborn: “Bargaining with the “Antichrists” “SSPX leaders search for a “deal” with the modernists in the Vatican.” Most holy Trinity Seminary Newsletter, Feb. 5, 2001.

Archbishop Marcel Lefevbre: We must reject Modernist Rome as it pursues its course of destroying the Faith and Christiany. Postface , “Peter, Lovest Thou Me?” June 7, 1988.

Cardinal Ottaviani:”…the Novus Ordo represents, both as a whole and in it’s details, a striking departure from the Catholic theology of the Mass as it was formulation in Session XXII of the Council of Trent….”

Bishops McKenna, Elmer, Oravec, Bedington, Hesson: Bishops Declaration, Catholics Forever July 1989, No.79. “…The era introduced by the Council has the marks of the great apostasy to precede the advent of Antichrist, foretold by the same Apostle in his second epistle to the Thessalonians.

Bishop Louis Vezelis: “The Great Apostasy is irreversible. It is irreversible because it has been foretold in Holy Scriptures . Once it takes place, there is no “going back”….. Posted Adoremus web site 10-13-2005

Bishop Fellay: “…On one side it gets attacked for being too much opposed to the Council and to Rome, too attached to Tradition in dogma and the liturgy…..On the other side it gets attacked for keeping on the contrary too close to Rome, which has turned into the seat of the ANTICHRIST, a dependency of Hell, and for opposing too weakly the conciliar reforms.” Quoting Archbishop Lefevbre, Superior General Letter # 56–4-2-99 Good Friday.

Am I crazy or what? Haven’t I been preaching all of the above for the LAST 45 plus YEARS. I know my English, grammar and spelling are terrible, but my accuracy is phenomenal, NO?
O. K. let’s give the Fathers a lot of credit. What difference does it make, if it’s the facts and the GOD given TRUTH, what the hell are we all fighting about. LETS STOP PLAYING GAMES WITH GOD and show HIM that we are together with the only logical conclusion that tells us THIS IS the Battle of Armageddon, (the final battle) forget a future Pope, let’s stop alibiing SATAN’S presence on the Chair of Peter, take up the sword of TRUTH and start preaching THE SECOND COMING OF CHRIST ON OUR PENTECOST SUNDAY. Please stop alibiing SATAN’S presence on the Chair of Peter and may God have mercy on us all.

Grace be with you, in Christ. Joseph B. D. Saraceno

(1) Father E. S. Berry “The Apocalypse of St. John” 1927 page 98