The Dolorous Passion

Why am I writing this over my concern of the book “The Dolorous Passion,”
First of all, it is not faithful to the Biblical accounts of the Passion as stated in Catalogs.

When Pope John XXIII announced the Second Vatican II Council, he stated in his opening address that he “Wanted to bring all of the Christians together.” However what he really meant was, he wanted to bring ALL of the Major religions together. Common sense tells us that in order to do this: the first change would have to be in making our Lord just another prophet. This was done when they changed Isaias prophecy from a Virgin to a young woman with child, others followed. To make these changes one must come out with new Bibles but, as with the Mass changes they started out with Monthly Missalettes, and as they did with the Mass prayers, started with the changes one month at a time.

I was lucky to witness the procedure and when they came to the Passion with the darkness of the Crucifixion they added an eclipse of the sun. Now an eclipse is an ambiguous term. The Church had already taught that their was no eclipse of the Sun by the Moon, so if you were to indicate this, it would be a heresy because the Easter Full Moon is always going down in the west when the sun is coming up in the East. And God would never fool around with HIS Church’s CLOCK.

So in the Dolorous Passion accounts, you have God bringing the moon back to the east and causing an eclipse, this plays right into the hands of the modernists. Of course this is just one of numerous contradictions you have with ALL of these private visionaries and cult writers, who are really allowing different accounts and opinions on the Deposit of Faith. Now tell me, isn’t this what the new church did with the Bible? As Traditionalists we have made great sacrifices in supporting and promoting the True teachings and Sacraments of the faith so why are all these groups promoting these books which contradict the credibility of our CHURCH.

If we who are of the faith cannot stand up for the Deposit of Faith and it’s teachings, then we should all go back to the new Church because there is little difference between them and us.

Grace be with you, in Christ. Joseph B. D. Saraceno