The Cassiciacum Thesis, by Fr. Nicolás E. Despósito Sede Vacante Bishops cannot elect a Pope

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Dear Friends:

The attached link is another attempt by those Cassiciacum Thesis, prelates and you could add some sede vacante’s  who are trying to convince themselves that the church will always remain intact until Christ comes back. The basis for this is, “The Gates of hell shall not prevail against it,”  that the powers of Hell would not prevail against the church is at least a valid interpretation of the text.

However, the Church has always taught that in the End Times the faithful will be reduced to the Remnant Few and the faithful will be supported by a Bishop, not a Pope. Reason being that the AntiChrists will be accepted by the world as popes and the minority Catholics will not be able to produce a Pope. Isn’t this happening NOW?

First, I need to correct Father with the Council being a pastoral Council. When Pope John XXIII announced the council he did call it a pastoral council but at his opening address at the council he put it on the same reveal as past councils.

These Cassiciacum fathers seem to think that if any of these V-2 popes was to repent, the papacy would regain lawful authority. But Our Lord and the Scriptures say just the opposite; “You can speak against the Son of God and be forgiven, but whosoever speaks out against the Holy Ghost will not be forgiven.” Then in Hebrews 6:4-8 we read, “For it is impossible for those who have both tasted the Heavenly gift… and are fallen away: to be renewed again to penance…” When the Son of Man Comes, will He find; do you think Faith on earth? Luke 18:8.  “… and unless those days had been shorted, no living creature would be saved.

So, for the most part, it’s more than obvious that the Church goes into hiding as stated in Apocalypse 12. With no pope. Another Apocalyptic passage in defense of the Sede Vacante position is Apocalypse 16:9, where it states that even after the Great Chastisement they would not repent. (The AntiChrist forces) … 18:5… that her sins have reached into Heaven, (The Mass) 18:23, and the Voice of the Bridegroom and the Bride will not be heard in thee anymore. The scriptures makes it very clear that once we are in the “Great Apostasy” that the final conclusion is the Second Coming of Christ.

Once again, these AntiChrist popes are automatically excommunicated. The Church confirms under Infallibility.

The common teaching of the Church is that, were a pope “publicly and officially to teach some doctrine clearly opposed to what has been defined as de fide Catholiche would become a public heretic and would ipso facto cease to be Pope without a “formal sentence of deposition.” (Catholic Encyclopedia-1912 ed., Article Infallibility, p. 799)

To begin with how are we going to get a FORMAL Sentence of Deposition when the so called Church is run by HERETICS. It’s not enough! Of the hundreds of priests many Bishops and the two Cardinal Ottaviani Intervention on Paul VI, they expect God to give them the Keys? HA!

In Bishop Sanborn’s newsletter May 9, 2002, he compares Luther with John Paul II. Sure it was some time before Luther was outside the Church same with John Paul II, duh! It wasn’t John Paul II who signed the decrees of the Vatican II Council but the Man of Sin, Paul VI. So John Paul II was just another AntiChrist which is proven by scripture in Chapter 13 in the book of the Apocalypse. I will have this newsletter posted soon on my web site.
In 1995 Father Sanborn defended Gerry Matatics, who became a sede vacantist. In his letter to the Wanderer, published in his “Catholic Restoration”, second quarter 1995. So his highness was a nasty sede vacantist at the time, like the rest of us.

So you see my friends, people who live in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones. The bottom line is No AntiChrist, NO sede Vacante, Anti-Christ NO pope.

The Bible is part of the deposit of Faith. I’m only quoting what it says. I prove and show where most of these Vatican II popes are located in the Bible along with John XXIII Rev Billy Graham and others to be announced in their time.

My friends, before I leave, allow me explain to you this given truth. There is NO purgatory for us who are here when Christ comes back. The Bible states that in these end times we’re going to either be Saints or Sinners. No purgatory, testimonial Judgement Day.

I cover all of these subjects on my web site along with Bishop Sanborn’s news letter. (below).
May Almighty God bless you and remain with you until the end. In Christ, Joseph.

The Cassiciacum Thesis, by Fr. Nicolás E. Despósito  on YouTube (Recently has been removed).