The Biblical False Prophet, Catholic, Protestant or Jew?

I just recently recollected, that when I first put the Rev. Billy Graham in the Bible as the false prophet, a well versed Traditional Catholic challenged my findings, stating that the “False Prophet had to be a Catholic.”  So in my recent writing on the new “False Prophet”, I have President Biden a Catholic, succeeding the other two false protestant prophets. 

Now here you have a perfect example of what is meant as a Bible PARADOX. So, in this case both of us were wrong or better yet, both of us where right, HA. Oh well, I should have known, many thought one of the AntiChrist false popes would be a Jew why would the many false prophets not be a Catholic. They all fit in with their TIMES and since the Beast of the Apocalypse is mainly made up of the false Catholics, Protestant and Jews it makes more sense now.

One of the symbols for the protestant theology in the Apocalypse is in chapter 18: 7- 8 “Because, in her heart, I sit a Queen, I am no widow, and I shall not see morning.” This is why protestants do not have corpuses on their crosses. 

Again, this is one of those many seemingly contradictions that we have in the faith that can’t be explained until it explains itself.  God bless God. Ha, ha ha. In Christ, Joseph.