The best and logical way to stop Abortion

Since Roe V’s Wade the Religious community of our country have tried numerous ways to reverse Abortions from boycotting clinics, driving up insurance costs, imposing stiff regulations and preaching to the individuals. Some cities have drop off centers where mothers can leave there unwanted babies but this has done little to cut down the abortions. In researching the cost of an abortion I have found that it varies from State to State. Some States are as low as $400.00 to a high of about $1200,00 in the United States.  Those States who charge a low rate makes it unprofitable to schedule abortions with greater frequency.

My soultion to the problem is to open up ” Baby delivery Clinics,” with a service charge as the average fee of an abortion. The Mother of course would have to give up the baby for adoption and the adoption agency could charge a fee to cover expenses. Certainly this is a win win solution to all parties and we would be taking the problem away from the politicians which today is being used as just another football.
In Christ, Joseph