The 9/11 Saints and the 9/11 Victims

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What I neglected to Relate until now.

Don’t ask me to explain this, I have been reading my Missal daily since at least the 60’s and here 17 years after the 9/11 terrorist attack and according to my Maryknoll Missal the Saints for September 11 Protus and Hyacinth were burned alive. We know hundreds of the 9/11 victims were burned alive in those Twin Towers.

God sometimes puts these blinders on me for whatever reason unknown to me but to be revealed at a later time. As far as I know no one else related these two coincidences either. Checking back to 2001 breaking news story was, “By the early 2000s, Church sexual abuse was a major global story. In the US, determined reporting by the Boston Globe newspaper .”

Tradition holds that Protus and Hyacinth were brothers. They served as chamberlains to Saint Eugenia, and were baptized along with her by Helenus, Bishop of Heliopolis. Devoting themselves zealously to the study of Sacred Scripture, they lived with the hermits of Egypt and later accompanied Eugenia to Rome. There, they were arrested for their Christianity by Emperor Gallienus (260–268). Refusing to deny their faith, they were first scourged and then beheaded on September 11.

The Graves of Sts. Protus and Hyacinth

In 1845, Father Marchi discovered the still undisturbed grave of St. Hyacinth in a crypt of the above- mentioned catacomb. It was a small square niche in which lay the ashes and pieces of burned bone wrapped in the remains of costly stuffs.[4] Evidently the saint had been burnt; most probably both martyrs had suffered death by fire. The niche was closed by a marble slab similar to that used to close a loculus, and bearing the original Latin inscription that confirmed the date in the old Roman Martyrology: