That in the last times… forbidden to Marry, Prophecy. 1 Timothy 4:3

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I’m not sure of the exact meaning of this prophecy, but St.Timothy is talking about the End Times.

Many of the Fathers and faithful lament over the demise of the Catholic family and of course marriage itself with the many reasons are given for these changes..

The mere fact that this is a Protestant Country and the definition of Democracy becoming more liberal over the years are contributing factors. Still, I remember as a young man, retail stores were closed on Sunday and Bible readings were said before class in grammar school. Massachusetts.

Prohibition backfired on us because of speak easy s, (illegal bars) That before women were not allowed in saloons the speak easy s had to let them in for fear of being exposed to their unlawful business and after prohibition, well to late to go back to the past.

The industrial age and two world wars opened the door for more woman in the work place.

The evolutionists grew and began to challenge the Biblical account of creation.

The 50’s were prosperous years with the advent of drive-in theaters, technicolor movies and television. Not to mention the Korean war. In the late 50’s bar hoping became the in-thing.

In the 60’s, Satan unleashed his sinful behavior with the sexual revolution, freedom of expression, no on war, love everybody. In fighting the sinful behavior around us,  most didn’t think much of Pope John XXIII s announcement of a Council where he wanted to bring all the Christians together. The meaning of love now meant without the taboo’s of responsibility. Pope John caught on to the trend and opened up the “Birth Control  Commission.” After all, it goes with FREE love right?

Since love and pleasure go together pro-creation is now secondary in the marriage and abortion is now optional; the true definition of a human being started to lose it’s meaning. Currently, not to mention same sex marriage and gender changes.

I tell people that pro-creation means to bring an imperfect God in the world.

(1) The true definition of a human being: In the early 60’s I started to train myself into becoming a Catholic Warrior. Studying the Bible, taking religious classes and working in the field. I found out that two of Satan’s weapons he was using to conquer Christians was, believe it or not, were and are, cigarettes and alcohol. I was the first Catholic, as far as I know, to label smoking as a sin. Venial to Mortal. Women who plan to have babies should not smoke, period. After class one day, I asked my retired professor, teacher priest, “At what point does the Church consider a person to be drunk?” His answer; “When he can no longer stand on his own two feet.”  I shot back, “That’s whats wrong with the Catholic Church.”

The following Sunday, one of our three priest gave a lecture, not to be hanging out in bars all day. Ha.

The fact of the matter was and still is, knowing or not knowing, the Church has pension funds which is manged by management brokers who have their moneys invested in the stock market and some of those stocks are cigarette company’s, alcohol producers, and the like. The church started to look into these funds somewhere in the 80’s and even John Paul II disapproved of smoking.

To get back to St.Timothy, just recently, 9-25-19 we read in the news, “Unmarried partners in the U.S. have tripled in two decades.” Most likely, in European nations as well. We have become an anti-family society. It’s all for the love of money. Apartment owners who own these apartments out right and could allow reasonable rents confess, but its the going rate to charge three or 4 times the needed income. Add what it cost to raise a child today all point to the reality of St.Timothy’s and all of the other prophesier that go along with, The Great Apostasy and the end times, say we are here.

It’s understandable to most reasonable Catholics that this is the reason which brings Christ back, “And unless those days had been shortened, no living creature would be saved… But for the sake of the elect those days will be shortened.” St. Matthew 24:22.

May the Grace of the Holy Ghost be with you and give you the courage in professing in these truths to all, until His return on that last Pentecost Sunday, Saturday night in the west. Even the days make sense, the Lords Day and the Sabbath.

In Christ, Joseph
(1)  In the Beginning God Created

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