Suggestions that could help the Trump Administration

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Our Immigration Policy pertaining to Political Asylum, especially with China.

Grounds for Political Asylum:

There are more legal immigrant Chinese then illegal immigrant’s from Mexico. Because of coercive family planning, China only allows one child. However, will allow a second if the first one is a boy but it has to be approved.

Birth Tourism Babies:  Married Chinese women, who can afford it, can provide a brighter future for their children by getting a Visa when they’re eight month’s or so pregnant. There are places here in the States that are all set up for this. Once born, the baby is an American citizen. Returning to China, all of these kids can come here to live after their 18 years of age.

Visa students can come here, become a Christian, go back to China and get involved with a non-approved Christian group. Get arrested, once out of jail apply for asylum. All religions not approved by the State are grounds for asylum.

Also illegal meditation Groups. “Falun Gong,” are grounds for asylum. Not to mention the open door policy for RICH people who want to start a business here.

Just think of all the money that’s being sent back to China to support relatives, etc..  And since we have Tariff problems with China, a change of policy in this area could change attitudes.

With North Korea, if they don’t live up to their negotiation promises, if push comes to shove, I’d warn them we’ll install nuclear missiles in South Korea and Japan.

If we need to take military action against a Nation, I’d suggest to threaten them with nuclear bombs. Before using them, announce which one city is targeted. Allowing people 48 hours to vacate the city. In this way we are not guilty or accused of murder. (Some will refuse to leave). I would continue this policy until they submit or surrender.

The problem with the Federal Reserve interest rate hikes.

The continued tightening of monetary policy should be viewed as a positive sign of economic strength — it demonstrates the bank’s confidence in the progress the economy has made toward its economic objectives. However, higher short- and long-term Treasury rates mean that the federal government’s borrowing costs will also rise, thereby generating significant consequences for the budget and the national debt. However, at this particular time, the federal reserve should not include the national debt in their rate increase’s until the results of our tax returns after April 15.
Traffic Congestion Solution

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The technologies being used for driver-less cars should be redirected to the improvement of these helicopter drone type flying cars that are in the experimental stage. Once perfected, the need to expand the freeways would be lessened and less costly.  I think Russia has a two seat-er.

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