Seventeen Mysteries of the Faith given to Catholics are now Twenty One

For over forty years now, I’ve opened up the (Book of Life) and from it, explained Seventeen Mysteries of the Faith. To this day they can’t be refuted. 1970 to 2016.


1. Christ will come back on SUNDAY.(Middle East Time) Apoc.1:10. & Tradition.

2. On Pentecost Sunday. Apoc. 14:14. & Tradition.

3. The General Judgment lasts a Week. Apoc. 17:11. (7 & 8 The symbol for Pentecost) Tradition. and as in the week of the creation.

4 + 5,. The Vatican II Council in the book of the Apocalypse: 9:1, 13:5, 16:13, 17:4-8, 18:4-5 & 2 Tim. 4:3. ( John XXIII opens the gates of Hell (9:1-2) with the V-2 council) and becomes the PRECURSOR of the first AntiChrist of the Great Apostasy, Paul VI who approves the decrees of the V-2 Council).

6 + 7. Name the “Man of Sin,” as Paul VI. 2 Thess. 2, For her SINS have reached unto Heaven, (The Mass is Heaven on earth.) Apoc:18:5

8-12 Name the “Anti Christ,” in Apoc. 13:14, John Paul II the Great, Apoc.13:11-14 (Has Two Horns like a lamb but speaks as a dragon.) Two names of prophets, John+Paul, see Lk. 1:69 Has a grievous wound and lives & is admired by the world and accepted by the Jews) (1st to ever enter a Synagogue publicly)

13. Name the “False Prophet,” in Apoc.19:20 & 20:10. Billy Graham. (Or his successor) Apoc:18:7.5″ ..sorrow I shall not see.” (The church of the resurrection = Protestants)

14. Describe the symbols of AntiChrists. The Jewish Ephod (Breast Plate), the Cross of the resurrection & the Broken Cross. Introduced by Paul VI. (6) is the symbol of the Hebrew faith, short of perfection or incomplete without Jesus Christ reflected as # 7.) Footnotes. Apoc.13:18.

15. Give an approximate length of time of the, “Great Apostasy.” of about 40 to 50 years. Apoc. 18:10-17. Matt. 24:34. A Generation, Rev. Dr. Huchede says 45 years, ” History of AntiChrist.” (As of 2020 we are entering the 51ist year) Which UN-officially started in1965 but OFFICIALLY started on Nov. 19, 1969, from the rejection by Paul VI of the Cardinals of the “Ottaviani Intervention.”

As it stands right now the Lord has a 75% chance of returning next year. (2021)

16. One of the many AntiChrists will CLASH with the Jews as stated in my 1991 lecture (Etc) as Benedict XVI did (Feb. 08) with the Liturgy change (1962 Missal only) for Good Friday saying that the Jews needed to be saved,. Apoc: 17:16. (This was done to please SSPX and excommunication lifted, Jews cause uproar .) Then came Bishop Williamson’s holocaust denial. More Jewish decent.

17. The Church takes refuge in the United States after the V-2 Council. Apoc. 12:14. The Eagle here is the United States.

18: Palm Sunday is the 1st day of the creation with Adam being formed on Good Friday. Ex. 12 and Tradition. (Passover)

19: pope John XXIII is the Star that falls from Heaven and opens the gates of hell (The Vatican II Council) in Apocalypse 9.

20:  President Trump has taken Rev. Billy Grahams place as the false prophet of the Bible although, is his case, is not aware of it.

21: Bishop Pivarunas is the White Pebble (White Counter) who protects the church in the end times. Apocalypse 2:17

July 16-11. O.L. Mt. Carmel. In the 42nd year of the Great Apostasy which officially started on November 19, 1969 with the Ottaviani Intervention being rejected publicly by Paul VI.

Originally Revised January 25, 2020 but got misplaced. May 11. Ss. Phillip & James App.

Oh ye of little faith, how long will I be with you.

In Christ, Joseph