Same Sex Marriage & Constitutional Farmers- Blacks not human?

same sex marriage ringsTo Richard Cohen:

Your latest article  on same sex marriage was in the Daily Breeze. There were two points that you are not aware of. 1st mixed marriage’s between blacks and whites was considered immoral because blacks were not accepted as human and lacked soul’s. Read Scott v Sanford Decision of 1857. This decision declared that since blacks are not “persons”, they have no constitutional rights.
Also you cannot compare this with same sex marriage because TRUE love is in giving and sharing yourself by bringing another person into the world. (if possible) through pro creation. Enclosed is an article by a Daily Breeze writer “John Bogert” which shows that our constitutional framers would never have approved any law which goes against the natural law.

Joseph B. D. Saraceno

Same Sex Marriage & Constitutional Framers

Then there was this opinion on Proposition 8 from John McLaughlin: “In his drafting of the Declaration of Independence, Thomas Jefferson used the phrase `the Laws of Nature and of Nature’s God.’ He took this phrase, a phrase upon which he would argue for our right to become a sovereign nation, from the writings of British philosopher John Locke and English jurist William Blackstone. … Both Locke and Blackstone were convinced that man’s laws must not conflict with the laws of nature instituted by nature’s God.

“Their writings greatly influenced … the framing of our Constitution. So with all the debate surrounding the passage of Prop. 8 … I believe it would be prudent to consider those eight words from our Declaration of Independence that served as an underpinning for our constitutional law. Any fair-minded citizen would conclude that homosexual acts go against `the Laws of Nature and of Nature’s God.’ Same-sex couples cannot naturally reproduce, neither can they engage in intercourse in the manner that nature’s God has clearly intended. Therefore, to enact a law that legitimizes any union that goes against `the Laws of Nature and of Nature’s God,’ would indeed violate the higher law that was instituted by our Creator and that the framers … deemed foundational for the good of our society. … If through our laws we should validate homosexual unions as a legitimate expression of marriage, then we would in fact go against the wisdom of our nation’s founders. …

Anyone care to reply to this comment?

Eric Dietel had this to say about my Bond column: “I really enjoyed and agreed with your article, except I don’t think Bond was out for revenge, he was just out for relief. I think the movie is called `Quantum of Solace’ because all Bond wanted was a small bit of solace or relief. The last scene of the movie proved he found that.”

Elie Swanson of Rancho Palos Verdes sent this: “As I was reading your column about the vandals striking in Torrance, I was also watching a `Today Show’ tribute to young men we have lost in Iraq. … I found the irony of these news stories hard to bear. What is wrong with people who would terrorize a quiet neighborhood while other kids are losing their lives defending our right to freedom of speech?”
And this from a reader who asked me to withhold her name: “I have been reading your column for two decades and wanted to tell you how much you have brightened my life. I was diagnosed with cancer a year ago and am just now telling everyone who has meant something to me how I feel. May God keep you always.”
And you.

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