Response to Michael Cain on Bishop Sanborn

download (52)Well someone is posting your web pages on my face book page. That being the case I will just delete them from now on. Micheal your brain is polluted from your smoking. You say Sanborn is no Judas? O.K. I’ll prove it to You. He was with SSPX then joined up with Fr, Kelly when they broke from SSPX, but Fr. Kelly kept the sspx heading on his church until he was sued. Then he went to sspv. Then Sanborn went sede vacante but after Dolan became a Bishop through Bishop Pivarunas. Sanborn left the Sede Vacantist position to get consecrated By Bishop McKenna. He adopted Bishop McKenna’s position of materially formally. ( The Cassiciaum Thesis). Then double-crossed McKenna by going back to sede vacante again. Then about 5 years ago he adopted a new phrase called Sedeprivationists. Any Traditional Catholic Bishop who is not a sede vacantist is a TRAITOR and a JUDAS. Sanborn is dividing the faithful which in itself is a MORTAL SIN. Please don’t blame me for your Ignorance. In Christ, the prophet, Joseph.