Presentation – PAUL VI The Pope Who Changed the Church

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“The Chair of Paul VI. Ruini makes a Profile of the Pope Who Changed the Church.” Therefore, even Cardinal Ruini had recognized that Paul VI had changed the Church. But why did we allow ourselves to say that Cardinal Ruini had been silent about Paul VI, after his election as

Pope, even after he had sworn: «I vow to change nothing of the received Tradition, and nothing thereof I have found before me guarded by my God-pleasing prede- cessors, to encroach upon, to alter, or to permit any in- novation therein.» Why, then, did Cardinal Ruini lie, as if he didn’t know
what a huge reversal Paul VI per- juring caused in all the structures of the Church? But who ever expected all those post-conciliar plots and manipulations such as to change, “ab imis” [from the bottom up], all Traditions of the Church, and who ever suspected that he knew Paul VI would find so many helpers to ruin the Church?It is impossible now,  to list all of the havoc he has created and that which he has covered-up, encouraged, tol-erated, or developed, such as ni-hilism, paganism, moral divorce, abortion, secularism, pornography, temporalism and politically, communism …Thus, the abandonment of religiouslife, due to the loss of  Christian values, has led the Catholic world intosuch a state of decay by making us even forget what the life of the Church was like before the accursed Vatican II! And so we have come to that point, like Lutherwhere we are trying to tear the “seamless garment” of Our Lord Jesus Christ, the one true Head of His Body Mystical, the Church.
by Father Luigi Villa Doctor in Theology
The Pope Who Changed the Church by Father Luigi Villa – Chiesa viva 441 S en OK (1)