Pope Francis Offers Mind-Blowing Deals On Indulgences For Reformation Day

For those of you who are not aware, it was Pope Leo X, (A Medici) who bankrupt the Vatican treasury by throwing these elaborate parties. To make up for the debt, he lowered the minimum donation for Indulgences down to a few dollars, in U.S. money? Since everyone could afford these indulgences now, everyone got them. However many of people thought they did not need to go to
confession because of obtaining these indulgences. Also money was going to Rome instead of the local Churches.
As a result, this started the conflict between Martin Luther and Rome.  Here is the commercial which was made up for these Indulgences.
“As soon as the coin
in the coffer rings
The soul in
Purgatory Springs.”

The Roman Catholic Church is celebrating Reformation Day in style, by offering thousands of hot deals on indulgences for the forgiveness of the temporal punishments for sin in purgatory. MORE