Plagiarized by a KISS

My friend K.C. (Knights of Christ) told me he tells his friends to preach with a kiss. Meaning, “Keep It Simple Stupid.” Oh , I told him your quoting me only with a Kiss, which is Biblical as well.
He that speaketh Sophistically is Hateful   Ecclus 37:23

A reflection on many of our traditional Catholic friends who, in explaining the situation effecting the Vatican II Church dilemma by speaking in a sophisticated  manner, devoid of simplicity, as they continue to put theological answers, in a highly complicated mode for the purpose of impression.

One need only three words to explain the Vatican II church. Formal Public Heresy.

Wisdom can only be obtained through suffering, least we forget that the Cross is the only way to Paradise.

In Christ, Joseph B. D. Saraceno
2-5-07 St. Agatha, VM