Paul VI and the Church’s Paradigm Shift on Homosexuality

The one reason of the delay in Paul VI’s canonization was that Father De Nantes had proof of Paul VI homosexuality and threatened to give out the evidence if they put him up for Saint hood. Others have since exposed this truth but Rome has their own agenda for Sainthood.
The Proposed Canonization of Paul VI – Why It Should be Terminated

[NOTE: With the so-called “canonization” of Pope Paul VI looming, investigative journalist Randy Engel has kindly granted us permission to publish in full the following chapter taken from her magnum opus Rite of Sodomy. I am certain that aka Catholic readers will find this work facinating and highly informative. If you have yet to obtain the complete five volumes of Rite of Sodomy, I strongly encourage you to do so as the information contained therein is as relevant today as ever. – Louie Verrecchio] MORE