Francis-Bergoglio Says Fellay’s Neo-SSPX Can Wait

On the plane back from Francis-Bergoglio’s fake “con-anizations” at Fatima, Portugal, Francis-Bergoglio stated on May 13, 2017, that he was far from accepting Fellay and his Neo-SSPX into the Newchurch of the New Order. He was asked by a French correspondent whether Bernie Fellay and his sect would be accepted “in the short term.” Bergoglio answered sharply that he completely rejected any form of “triumphalism,” but indicated that Newchurch is in the process of taking control of Fellay’s group and now has control of its ordinations, confessions, and marriages.

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Christians, Repent (Yes, Repent) of Spreading Conspiracy Theories and Fake News—It’s Bearing False Witness

Conspiracy theories are nothing new—they’ve been around for centuries.

People love to speculate on hidden meanings or to jump at the potential of juicy secrets. Unfortunately, when these things are unfounded, lies are told and people are hurt. And most unfortunately, Christians are often involved in perpetuating them.

And now I noticed that many of the same conservative Christians who shared about #pizzagate have been spreading the #SethRich conspiracy theory. And it’s time to call it out. MORE

Los Angeles: city of the stars becomes US homeless capital

Los Angeles’s Skid Row made front-page news recently. Police officers from other jurisdictions within the county were observed “dumping” their unwanted mentally ill homeless on the area’s streets. This discovery provoked a furor in City Hall and open recriminations between the city and the county police. The new mayor of Los Angeles, Antonio Villarraigosa, has demanded an investigation. MORE

Moscow Hit By Deadliest Storm In A Century

At least 12 people were killed and more than 100 injured as a freak storm ripped through Moscow – with a 20 year old female student ‘sliced to death’ by a falling tree.

The force of the winds was so strong that it pulled off part of the roof of the Kremlin Senate, an 18th century building housing Vladimir Putin’s top officials.

‘Due to hurricane winds in the northeast, south-west and east of Moscow, trees fell on pedestrians,’ said the city’s investigative committee, equivalent of the FBI.

People ‘died on the spot’ with winds recorded at 70mph – and 18,000 have been left without electricity.  MORE


The Oratory Catechism and the Vatican II church

I have one used in mint condition.
Hardbound, over 400 pages. Imported from Germany. This Catechism is put together by two Traditional Latin Rite Priests translated in English by Prof. Dr. W. Siebel.
With 100 pages of questions and answers devoted to comparing the teachings of the Vatican II church with past teachings of the Catholic Church. Elucidates end time prophecies, and explains what it means to be a True Roman Catholic by clarifying the meaning of the “Great Apostasy.”

$25.00      $7.00 postage  overseas $12.00     

Some of the questions answered by the authors.

# 666 Why the sacrifice of the Mass is not an Assembly?
# 659 Why is the doctrine of a Hierarchy of Truths to be rejected?
# 669 Why is the doctrine of Equal Rights to be rejected?
# 770 How will the Catholic Church in the end times be recognizable?  
# 733 Why the Church in the end times lack state protection

Send to.
Joseph B. D. Saraceno
17024 S. Western Ave
Gardena, CA. 90247-5215


The following interview with Archbishop Lefebvre  with the French magazine of the Society called “Fideliter”. It took place towards the end of last year, 1990.
Fideliter: Since the Episcopal Consecrations in June of 1988 there have been no more contacts with Rome, however, as you told us, Cardinal Oddi telephoned you saying: “We must come to an agreement. Make a little apology to the Pope and he is ready to welcome you”. Then why not try this final step, and why does it seem impossible to you?

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Prophecies About the Messiah

Soon after the Resurrection of Christ, many theories were put forward to explain the empty tomb. But we have not only the evidence of the Holy shroud of Turin to prove the death and Resurrection of Jesus, but some historical records and traditions. Thus we have the records of Josephus, a reliable Jewish historian, whom the Sanhedrin in Jerusalem had made commander-in-chief of Galilee when the Jewish revolt broke out in 66 A.D. He was captured by the Romans and was witness of the destruction of Jerusalem and Temple.

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Novena to the Holy Ghost. – Begins today.

Hi Everyone,

A reminder that Mass this Sunday 5/28 – WITHIN THE OCTAVE OF THE ASCENSION – will be at 9:00 AM.
Attached is the Novena to the Holy Ghost.  It begins TODAY.  The nine days of this prayer are noted in your calendars.
God Bless you all,

Holy Spirit Novena Prayers

Novena to the Holy Spirit Day 1


Let us bow down in humility at the power and grandeur of the Holy Spirit. Let us worship the Holy Trinity and give glory today to the Paraclete, our Advocate. Continue reading

Our Lady Help of Christians Garden Grove , CA.

May 21, 2017 Fifth Sunday after Easter
Even though Joseph mentioned that Heaven was
Opened after 4000 years this day, none of the Fathers
gave a sermon in the three Mass’s. However, what
may be unknown to them someone had it listed in
the bulletin from the previous Sunday
 * * * * *
glorious wounds to God. he is …always living to make
intercession for us,” and has obtained for us the Holy
Ghost, with all His gifts