The SSPX Has New Clothes & and no “treasure”

On 21 January 2019, this same Petrus Romanus assured his readership that “Fr. Pagliarani is diverging from his liberal predecessor”, that he is making a “complete and utter break with the Trad-ecumenism of Bishop Fellay” and that his “making of doctrine pre-eminent above a practical arrangement” is a sure sign that “liberalism may be on its way out in the highest levels of the SSPX”.3MORE

“As Sheep not having a Shepherd.” Mario Derksen

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As of late at the CMRI Fatima conference with his latest debacle, October 11 2018. “As Sheep not having a Shepherd,” where he states the “‘Great Apostasy,’ the ‘revolt’ spoken of by St. Paul the Apostle, which must precede the reign of Antichrist before the end of the world.” But Mario has it backwards, he denies that it was pope John XXIII as the precursor of the AntiChrist, as the “Star that falls from Heaven in Apocalypse 9”, as stated by the same book that he quotes by Father S. Berry, where Father Berry says, ‘who opens the gates of hell’, ( The Vatican II Council) which leads directly to the Reign of AntiChrist. Who was Paul VI. Page 98, (The Apocalypse of St. John.)  which I explain on my web site of the many of these AntiChrist popes in the end times. (Why sede vacante) Then he ends his article by saying, “….may we obtain the Grace to be given a true Pope again, petitioning the God who is the ultimate “Shepard and bishop of (our) souls.”

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Italian Publication [in English] Highlights Vigano Affair and Opus Dei

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Dear Friends – This Special Edition of Chiesa Viva in English has quite a bit of good information on the Vigano Affair and Opus Dei. It’s one of the first popular Italian exposés I’ve seen on Opus Dei. It’s about time! Randy Engel 

P.S. Mark Your Calendar for February 23, 2019 – the Feast day of St. Peter Damian under the Old Roman Calendar,  and the opening of the League of St. Peter Damian. More information will be available at that time. God bless.

Democrats want Straight up Infanticide

The Republican caucus in the Virginia House of Delegates tweeted: “Democrats proposed legislation to allow abortions up to just seconds before that precious child takes their first breath.”

Mr Trump said: “Do you remember when I said Hillary Clinton was willing to rip the baby out of the womb? That’s what it is. That’s what they’re doing. It’s terrible.” MORE

Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt’s Daughter Shiloh is Changing Gender

Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt’s Daughter Shiloh is Changing Gender-216214

Wake up America, this thing is out of control, especially in California.

By the age of 4, Shiloh has known to dress like a boy and get a short haircut. Her parents Jolie and Pitt always seemed to publicly accept their infant’s decision about her body and life. Brad Pitt has previously mentioned on a talk show that Shiloh wanted to be called John and they respected her decision. MORE