Archdiocese the Seventeenth New church Diocese To Go Bankrupt since 2006

John Wester

Another Newchurch Archdiocese Bites the Dust. As Santa Fe, New Mexico, Becomes the Seventeenth Newdiocese to Go into Bankruptcy

From: The TRADITIO Fathers

An Unhappy John Wester. Newarchbishop of Santa Fe, New Mexico Declares His Newarchdiocese the Seventeenth Newchurch Diocese To Go Bankrupt since 2006. In Newchurch’s Continuing Great Sex Embezzlement Holocaust.
The New Mexico Attorney General Raided His Administrative Offices
And the Next Day Wester Threw in the Towel. Wester Has 40 Lawsuits Pending against Him And He Has Only 126 Presbyters Left.

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Please pray for our Bishop

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Bp Pivarunas head of CMRI, had a serious heart attack in the last 24 hours.  He has had a stint put in and will be having rehab for the next 3 months.  Bp. Davila will be flying up from Mexico next week to do the ordinations in Omaha -next Wednesday. 
Please pray for our Bishop

The top ten nations where Christians ARE PERSECUTED

Today, just like in the book of Acts, Christians are persecuted all over the world for following Jesus.

Persecution at a glance.

Christians remain one of the most persecuted religious groups in the world. While Christian persecution takes many forms, it is defined as any hostility experienced as a result of identification with Christ. Christians throughout the world continue to risk imprisonment, loss of home and assets, torture, beheadings, rape and even death as a result of their faith. MORE

Happy Feast Day of St. Nicholas :)

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St. Nicholas did slap Arius for denying the Divinity of Jesus Christ.  (How true) 

Are you a member of the Iglesia ni Colokoy? If you deny Jesus as God then you deserve a Christmas gift from Santa Claus. 🙂