Why New Years Day January 1

Heard this guest on a rerun Johnny Carson show who complained how silly it was to have New Years day on January 1 because of the cold and snow. “It should be in Easter because spring time is when the world gives birth, and so on.” Well he was right because it use to be in March until Pope Gregory changed it to Jan. 1. Or he approved the change by some Emperor.  That’s where April fools comes from. Those Catholics that continued or would keep on celebrating it on the 24 or 25, which went on for 7 or 8 days ending in April became known as April Fools.
Well it only proves that it doesn’t pay to go against Mother Nature. Ha.
Also we have 2018 starting off with a FULL MOON. Psalms 88:38 “…like the Moon, which remains forever, a faithful witness in the Sky.”
Remember Easter comes in with a Full Moon.
In Christ, Joseph

New York gym offering naked workout classes — just in time for your New Year’s resolutions

It’s amazing how casual they sound over these immoral changes, which to them, is just another life style.

For many, the New Year means new fitness goals, as swarms of people head to the gym to get in shape. But if a regular workout doesn’t sound exciting enough to motivate you to hit the weights, a New York City gym is offering something a little more unique: the opportunity to get fit in the nude. MORE

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