Catholic League: Joe Biden Stokes Divisions Between Catholics and Catholics ‘in Name Only’

Baptized Catholics who do not follow their faith, Catholics in name only (CINO), have no problem with Biden’s opposition to the Church on central questions, Dr. Donohue observes, which sets them at odds with religious Catholics, who find Biden’s support of abortion-on-demand, his hostility to school choice, and his embrace of radical gender theory appalling. MORE

Pope Francis: Coronavirus Reveals the ‘Great Evil Afflicting the World’ MORE

7-11 not happy with California

Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About 7-11 — But Were Afraid to Ask |  Tastemade

Already, brands such as 7-Eleven have announced they will no longer franchise in California as a consequence of AB5, and more are sure to follow. This will cost jobs and shutter small businesses at a time when they can least afford it. That’s why the International Franchise Association, representing thousands of franchisees across the state, filed suit in the Southern District of California on Tuesday to prohibit the enforcement of AB5 in relation to franchise businesses.

Armenians set fire to homes

Armenia is a Christian Country and nobody cares.

CHAREKTAR, Azerbaijan (Reuters) – Still wearing the camouflage fatigues in which he had fought against Azeri forces a week earlier, Arsen, an ethnic Armenian, lit a fire on Saturday under his sister’s dining room table in the small village of Charektar. VIDEO