Orange County, CA. Democrat Electoral Sweep + Father Starbuck’s prayer request denied

Orange County, CA. Democrat Electoral Sweep  + Father Starbuck’s prayer request denied. (O.L.H.C.) Garden Grove, Ca. 

In late September, to get out the vote for one of the most critical elections, Father didn’t even do much even though all his county went Democrat as most of the State.

I started supporting Rep.Tom McClintock in May 11 & Sept 2 – 2018  Financially and on my website.

He’s one of a few republicans to win re-election in California. But Father spent more time criticizing my findings that Jesus will come back on Pentecost Sunday than he did to get out the vote. However, I find this attitude among many Traditionalists, which, understandably is the reason we have the division among the, so called faithful, and is the main reason God isn’t helping the movement as well as He would. Grace be with you, in Christ, Joseph

Orange County’s Booming Foreign-Born Population Coincides with Democrat Electoral Sweep Source: Breitbart Democrats swept Orange County with wins in all six congressional districts, turning the region blue. At the same time of Democrat dominance in the county, the foreign-born population is booming to record levels with the majority of foreign residents arriving from Latin America and Asia.