Obtaining God’s Blessings

It never ceases to amaze me how Satan use’s the same old tactics, generation after generation in bringing down mankind to his level. Nothing changes but the faces, is a term I use to use when companies changed management positions. With Traditional Catholics the in-house fighting continues unabated and you would honestly believe that they find enjoyment over everyone’s pain and sufferings. 

We all know Satan’s tools of self pride, ego and envy which effects us the most. The Catholic Church is not a religion of OPINIONS it is a religion of FACTS. I get the impression, that most think, God is not aware what is happening down here and that he hasn’t provided us with the answers we need to guide us. And yet the Church has always taught us that there is NO new Divine Revelation and the Bible wasn’t written just for our Spiritual edification. Christian wisdom does not judge and choose according to rebellious instincts or misguided opinions but I hear more about what’s going on in the universe then here on earth. Moreover, wisdom leads the Christian to be content with God’s favor and guidance and not to ask for signs and wonders to prove his presence and power especially when He has the signs and wonders that we need in his good book. I can remember when I tried to explain that Paul VI took us into the Great Apostasy, then later how the Rev. Billy Graham fit the description of the main false prophet and it went right over mostly everyone’s heads. Same thing when John Paul II got shot, how I proceeded to point out that he was the one in Apocalypse 13;14. Not to mention I was able to point out the day and week of the general judgment and to this day have pointed out to all at least 20 mystery’s contained in scriptures.
What Joseph is trying to get across to everyone is we cannot hide these revealed truths and expect God to give us his blessings. To imply so would be to accuse God of being stupid. Love of God without the truth is HYPOCRISY NO?  Impugning the known truth and Envy at an-other’s spiritual good is a mortal sin against the Holy Ghost, NO?  You know, the Protestants refer to the Bible as the “Word of God”  and even though they go to extremes, forgetting that it comes from the Church, Catholics go to the other extreme, as thou we shouldn’t even read it, for the most part.  Pope Saint Felix III, is often quoted as saying “Not to oppose error is to approve it; and not to defend truth is to suppress it, and, indeed, to neglect to confound evil men—when we can do it—is no less a sin than to encourage them.” Yet the problems we face came from the Vatican II Council, how is it that most do not see these people as, “Evil MEN?” But wait, Pope Saint Felix III is not talking about immoral men, he’s talking about TRUTH and ERROR. Shame shame shame on all you Fathers who condemned the Sede Vacantists from the very beginning.  Sure we didn’t have all of the answers at the time but today there is NO EXCUSE.The council of Trent tells us that the “Man of Sin.” will be revealed, We all know him as Paul VI.
I’m not excusing those sede vacantists who abused the system, some even making themselves popes but the “Great Apostasy,” would not be such without the confusion. “Strike the Shepard and the sheep scatter” Most of the leading Fathers of the Traditional movement became sede vacantists before they died, but look at all the division and disunity they caused.
I just recently pointed out the latest scriptural prophecies involved in the fall of Babylon under AntiChrist number 5, Francis has been so turned off that even conservative Catholics are disgusted with him. First Britain voted to leave the E.U., which he whole heartily supports, The Russian Orthodox Church has distance themselves from him. The Prime Minister of Israel Netanyahu and Francis are complete opposites and the President of the United States, Donald Trump favors Israel over Rome and so it goes, Babylon is starting to fall, but unfortunately as I point out in my article, this will not effect the status of the Councillor church and the inter-faith gospel. The AntiChrist forces are not completely destroyed without Christs return.
As I continually remind everyone  that Catholics are only obligated to accept the deposit of faith. That is The past Popes &
Hierarchy, Tradition and the Bible. Private revelations have NO jurisdiction on the faithful, even those that are approved.
The last prophecies we need to concern ourselves with are, the date setting of Easter in April, but this is not absolute because future Easters will run in April anyway. The establishment of a (false) papal presence in Jerusalem WITH the gathering of the heads of world religions. Mostly apostate Catholics, Jews and Protestants.The Great Biblical Chastisement, (The faithful will be protected from the fire) The Angels will micro wave those needed to be eliminated for our protection. We will have a sign of a cross in the sky before this happens.. Whether everyone will see this sign is unknown to me. The killing & the resurrection of the two witness,  then Christs return on the following Pentecost Sunday with the testimonial judgment day ending on the eve of Trinity Sunday.
My prayer suggestions..First read the readings and Gospel in your Missal for each day of the week.  One needs to understand that the Mass prayers are higher in rank then the Rosary and should come first. Fasting is most important. Once a week if you can. At least once a month.Start in the A.M. and finish about 5 pm.Liquids can be had all day.
Grace be with you, in Christ, Joseph