“No One Knows When the End Will Come.” Is a false Christian teaching

Pope Gregory the Great Painting by Unknown

No One Knows When the End Will Come.” Is a false Christian teaching.    1-16-22

In the Catholic Church, Pope St. Gregory I, (600) also known as “the Great”, made it very clear that we are not to say Jesus Christ did not know when the end of the world would come.  In the Pope’s Epistle, “Sicut agua frigida”, he writes: “It is written: In the Beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God…All things were made by him (John 1:13).  If all, then without doubt also the day of Judgment and the hour. Who, therefore, is so foolish as to presume to assert that the Word of the Father made that which He does not know?  It is written also: Jesus knowing that the Father gave him all things into his hands (John 13:3).  If all things, surely both the day of judgment and the hour.  Who, therefore, is so stupid as to say that the Son has received in His hands that of which He is unaware?”

However, because of the abuses of the clergy who were causing hysteria and anxieties in trying to get sinners to repent by date setting the End of the World for their times [“False prophets shall rise and seduce many” (Matt. 24:11)], Pope Leo X, at the Fifth Lateran Council, made it mandatory that henceforth permission had to be obtained from either the local Ordinary or the Apostolic See before one could set the exact date for the End of the World. This misinterpretation got in the Baltimore Catechism which began the confusion.Also, one has to understand when Jesus made that remark, there was NO Sunday or Lords Day. He never said that the Father would NOT reveal this truth which is done by all three persons of the Trinity in the Book of the Apocalypse beginning in 1: 7-10, starting with SUNDAY. Only a fool would not accept SUNDAY as the day for his return however everyone knows the world is round and has different time zones, so, that in the west it would be late Saturday night, Middle East time. Once he appears, however the whole world would turn into Sunday. I explain further why that day will be Pentecost Sunday after the AntiChrist and his followers go to Jerusalem, as I explain in my booklet’s advertise in the American Free Press, past issue of the Remnant and on my web site. So don’t be afraid to send for the truth on these matters and my booklets have been approved by Bishops of the traditional Catholic faith. In Christ, Joseph B. D. Saraceno