New “Resistance” Bishop Gerardo Zendejas Purchased Above Property

A Reader Writes: From: Joe

Dear TRADITIO Fathers:
I read a report that a shell company of Bishop Richard Williamson, formerly of the SSPX, then of the Neo-SSPX, and now of “The Resistance” has coughed up 1,375,000 million U.S. dollars to purchase a 700 square-metre property in eastern New York State for the now-Bishop Gerardo Zendegas, consecrated for “The Resistance” by Williamson on May 11, 2017. What is going on?

I hope that the traditional Catholic world is seeing the light as far as Bernie Fellay’s Neo-SSPX and its splinters are concerned and is heading towards chapels run by independent traditional Catholic priests and truly traditional Catholic congregations. A number of traditional Catholics have been surprised, to say the least, at the amount of the alleged real-estate purchase.
The TRADITIO Fathers Reply.
A group in Florida dunned clueless donors to cough up over 1,000,000 U.S. dollars for a new church for small group, of which 20,000 dollars was for the parking lot alone! Meanwhile, many shuttered-up churches were available on the real-estate market for a pittance. A group in Ohio dunned clueless donors to cough up large sums for a new church when there was already a long-standing independent traditional Catholic Church in the area. The project turned out to be a chimaera that quickly collapsed. A well-known pseudo-traditional group dunned clueless donors to cough up money for a Newchurch-based “indult” seminary that has placed barely a single priest in ten years. Where the money went, no one knows.
Bernie Fellay, the Superior-Dictator of the Neo-SSPX is reputed to be sitting on numerous corporate accounts totaling tens of millions of euros, which he administers in conjunction with his crony, the Jewish fundraiser Maximilian Krah. These are secret funds, which are never accounted for to the Neo-SSPX membership. In fact, Fellay’s financial legerdemain outstrips even those of the Vatican Bank, which has had to answer at least to the financial investigating commissions of the European Union. Fellay has been under harsh criticism for not disclosing the Neo-SSPX financial dealings. For sure, he hasn’t been spending it on a major campaign to bring defecting Newchurchers into traditional Catholicism, along the lines of the formerly-traditional Confraternity of Christian Doctrine (CCD).
Let us remember that the Catholic Church started in people’s homes, so the New Testament tells us. We traditional Catholics have an obligation to be frugal (part of the Cardinal Moral Virtue of Prudence, or Practical Wisdom). Traditional Catholics, when anyone duns you large sums of money for some fanciful project, beware! You’re probably throwing your money away.

Our Reader Relays that the Above Property Was Allegedly Purchased
Through a Shell Company of Bishop Richard Williamson
For the New “Resistance” Bishop Gerardo Zendejas
A Number of Traditional Catholics Have Been Surprised, to Say the Least
At the Amount of the Alleged Real-Estate Purchase