My visit to Holy Cross Cemetery

On August 22, 1937, I was a 15th month old baby. After a rainy day, my Dad took us on a picnic somewhere near Boston. My brother Ed was sitting in front. In the backseat sat my Mom, brother Pete and holding me, was my sister Carmelina.

The bridge had an interesting feature. In those days, it had trolley tracks. Driving over the bridge, because of the precipitation, made the trolley tracks slippery as glass. Crossing over, losing traction and hydroplaning caused the car to spin out of control. Wildly, the vehicle and all of us inside, barreled over the side of the bridge.

Fortunately, most of us survived with minor injuries. Sadly, Carmelina banged her head so badly that she was taken to a hospital and put on life support. She was brain dead and after 3 days she died. Carmelina is buried back in our home town of Lynn.

Since it was the anniversary of the accident, I decided to visit Mom and Dad’s grave site plot, called the Precious Blood.

Not too far from us, has this big cross where Rosalind Russell’s grave site is. I knew of many other movie stars buried there. Looking up some of my favorites I found them; Bing Crosby, Mario Lanza, Loretta Young, Rosalind Russell, Fred MacMurray, Pat O’Brien, Lawrence Welk and Jimmy Durante.
As I recall, Loretta Young is buried with her mother and doesn’t have her name on the grave stone.
Holy Cross Cemetery, Culver City – Wikipedia › wiki › Holy_Cross_Cemetery,_Culver_City

Holy Cross Cemetery is a Roman Catholic cemetery at 5835 West Slauson Avenue in Culver … Many celebrities are in the sections near “The Grotto” in the southwest part of the cemetery; after entering the main gate, turn left and follow the …