Man’s Obsession with Eliminating Original Sin

The world since time immemorial has been motivated towards solving the world’s problems (not that we shouldn’t work to lessen the ills of society). But since time immemorial we continue to ignore God’s revelation that He did not create this world for it to be a paradise on the equal level as Heaven. Even though Adam and Eve were as perfectly happy as one can be in the imperfect state of the godly image, we see Adam as lonely, and Eve choosing the forbidden fruit, which resulted in Original SIN. 

After Original Sin, God promised a Redeemer who would once again open the gates of Paradise – but the more perfect paradise of Heaven, where God dwells now in the unity of the Blessed Trinity with the holy Angels and Saints.Even though Christ died for our sins and through Baptism we negate Original Sin, God did not take away the sufferings brought about as a result of sin. No matter how much we try, whether it be with God or without God man will always suffer these hardships caused by Original Sin.
However, today more than ever before because of our advancement in technology, science and marketing technology, man is giving God the back seat in understanding our limitations and is trying to convert everyone into thinking that we now have the means to overcome our sufferings. As a result of these technologies, we assume we,  can solve all our problems if we work together in bringing about a new paradise on earth, even going so far as to continually emphasize our need for pleasure.
Man continues to ignore that as long as we have freewill there will always be other Bernie Madoffs, the financial embezzlers and other misguided members in all areas of society. If man could be perfectly happy here on earth, WHO WOULD WANT TO GO TO HEAVEN?Fueling this ideology is causing a perpetual increase of our ills and is bringing us a misleading conception of the meaning of Sin—and Sinner. We hear this more now than ever before that “all men are sinners” and fall short of the perfection of Christ. One has to be careful of this attitude which can lead to complacency by ignoring that sinners cannot possess the kingdom of God (1 Cor. 6:9-10). We need to remember that we have two types of sins:venial and mortal, or minor and major. As a result we have different classes of Sinners.1 Jn. 5:16-17. When we use the generic terms in prayer, “pray for us sinners now and at the hour of our death” and the quote in Scripture that all men are born in sin (excluding the four that we are aware of: Jeremias, Our Lady, John the Baptist and Our Lord) we speak of original sin and its effects. In the definite sense, a true sinner would apply to someone who does “evil with the intent to do evil” (premeditated). THESE types of sinners are the one’s which are referred to in keeping a person out of heaven: “Know you not that the unjust shall not possess the kingdom of God…. (Cor. 6:9-10).When you have all the people believing in the same thing, you do not need a conspiracy; but as long as these same things are God based, then it doesn’t matter.
In Christ, JosephMarch 23, 2009 M/O St. Joseph