L.A.X. Shooter was a New World order Conspiracy Nut

How sad and unfortunate that we had another tragic event evolving the killing of innocent T. S. A. workers who were just doing their job. The killer appears to be a Catholic but Catholics are supposed to be able to distinguish between good & evil, right and wrong. This lady friend asked me, “whats wrong?” I explained, the soul is like a car battery you add liquid to it and it comes to life, Once you install it in a car it constantly needs to be charged or it dies. It’s the same with the soul, you energize your soul mainly through the sacraments. Problem is the nrew sacraments do not have the power and the strength that we had before the changes. As a result truth and virtue become obscure. Once this happens it becomes easy to be mislead ones self into believing that these secular conspiracy’s are the cause of our demiseGod and Satan’s role in these people’s lives and the problems in society are hardly ever questioned anymore. We should never forget that “All roads lead to Rome.” Only God gives us freedom and liberty and Satan takes it away  In Christ, Joseph

#BREAKING: Federal charges filed against LAX shooter: murder of a