Joseph’s 50 year anniversary of his two visions in L.A. County, CA.

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Joseph’s 50 year anniversary of his two visions in L.A. County, CA. Hawthorne was the mailing zone. December 6, 2019 St. Nicholas , Advent.

This December 7th on a Sunday night will be the 50th anniversary of one of my two visions with the second one taking place on the 29th of December 1969. This is just a brief account of those two visions. If you would like to read in-depth of what led up to these visions, you can go to my web site and read it there.

By this time I had been studying attending classes at my Church and putting to the test scriptures for at least 7 years. I had plenty of signal graces that told me I was on the right track.

My wife, Catherine and I decided to go shopping at this outdoor Farmers Market near Hollywood and I noticed these wind chimes for sale. The one that caught my eye had four hearts carved out of the chimer part. As I was making the sale, I made a joke to my wife and said, “Now if God wants me, all he has to do is ring the bell.” (wind chimes). Well, talk about putting my foot in my mouth.

At this time I talked my wife into me moving into our den on the pretext that since we worked different shifts this would allow us more undisturbed rest. My main purpose was to lock myself up in a closet and see how long I could go without sex, testing the spirits.

I had hung the wind chimes just outside the den window, which was used as my office but had just enough room for a bed. Just outside the den in the corner of the living room is where I had my little altar and statue of our lady of Fatima which was about 9 years old and where I said my nightly prayers.

So, just as I laid down in bed, the wind chimes rang, but it didn’t just ring, it played a tune. Startling me, it rang again, same tune. My heart started beating out of control and when it did it again, the third time I sat up and looked at the window. The window completely disappeared and gazing up at the nightly sky, above me, a light appeared, like 50 miles up and it started lowering, down, down to almost in front of me and took the form of a gown, so when I said to myself ‘GOWN’, then the window reappeared, curtain and all, with the luminescent gown outside the window. (The bottom of the window there was a 4 inch opening). Just then, there came a slight breeze causing the end of the curtain to lift up, prompting me to look underneath the curtain, at the Gown; as I did, on the left bottom of gown appeared a simple crown drawn in gold, and as soon as I said CROWN, on the right side of the gown was a rendering of a simple gold bird. As soon as I uttered BIRD, the gown left by going up and it was over. The next morning, I was focused on whether or not I had any effects of being drugged, or perhaps a ploy from Satan. Despite that, I still went to work and Mass for the Immaculate Conception.

Three weeks go by and nothing. Then on Monday of the 29th, I had a rough time at work and when I got home I went into my room and slammed the door behind me and said some prayers then went back to my daily routine. Now the whole side of the house, including the den, faces EAST so around 9 pm I started to close the living room curtains I saw the moon up in front of me in the sky. It was a 3/4 moon. In finishing up for the night at about 10 pm, after my living room prayers I went into my room to go to sleep and as soon as I laid down, the wind chimes rang and played that same tune again and stopped. Even though my heart was palpitating, I remained motionless. And again, it rang the same tune. I’m kind of saying to myself, oh no not again, then came the third time so I sat up to face the window and believe  it or not I said, “What do you want, leave me alone.” Well, away goes the window and looking up, there’s that 3/4 moon, transforming into a FULL MOON. At that, the full moon starts falling out of the sky in a circular motion. I didn’t panic because it wasn’t changing size. It comes down to about four feet of my face. I got it, ha! I said FULL MOON, as soon as I said full moon, it goes up back where it was and as a 3/4 moon and the window reappears. Now for whatever reason I was compelled to get up and look at the calendar on my desk and it said Fifth day of the Octave of Christmas, but for that instant I couldn’t remember what an octave meant, so I looked it up and it said something of eight. Well I still wasn’t sure about the first vision but I had no problem with a full moon, at least confidence was back, and that Octave part was in my mind, Biblical but forgot where.

I lost a little bit of time but somewhere in January I was back at adult religious classes at St. Joseph’s and one day this lady asked Father why Easter fluctuated from year to year, and Father said because of the Full Moon.

Then attending  a weekday Mass, the priest came out wearing a red chasuble. Noticing, during the consecration, when the server was holding up the chasuble, the priest had on the bottom of his Alb designs of Crosses and Crowns. I finally saw the light. The gown outside my window was symbolic of a priest, the gown was the Father, the crown at the bottom on his Alb was symbolic of the Son and the outline of the bird was symbolic of the Holy Ghost.

The Curtain that was used as a Chasuble was a Cardinal RED and the only Sunday that is red is Pentecost Sunday. 

The wind chimer rang three times. So, God is telling me here which Mass to follow, that was one of my hangups. Who was I to determine which Mass to follow? And what’s Pentecost Sunday have to do with anything? Oh wait, remembering on the 29th we had an Octave and Pentecost is an Octave, then the Biblical past in the Apocalypse came right in.

The seventh and the eight is of the same, that’s the Octave and Pentecost Sunday and Trinity Sunday is one of the SAME God. This is in the Apocalypse 17:11 talking about the destruction of the Beast, the Novus Ordo Church, “the same also is of the Eighth and is of the Seven, and goeth into destruction.” Bingo! Judgment day week. After this the rest was easy.

That’s why I was able to comply a 16 page booklet on why Jesus Christ will come back on Pentecost Sunday and it is finalized on the eve of Trinity Sunday,  approved by many of the Traditional Bishops and Fathers, Originally approved by Bishop Francis and Father Denis of CMRI but later new management took a negative stand which caused dissension.

Between this booklet and my “The Great Apostasy,” booklet I give Catholics over 21 mysteries of the faith which would have been impossible without the Vatican II Council. Once again, if I could take this into a court of LAW I would win easy but you can’t take theology into a civil court of law and everyone knows it, so they say and preach anything that servers THEM, not doctrines of the Church.

P.S. It wasn’t till about five years later that I found out the name of the tune. Thanks to some of the Brothers and Sisters who came to Mass on a palm Sunday and sang the song of “Christ the King,” in pan-thymine. But that’s another story.

You can find these booklets and papers on my web site.

Grace be with you, In Christ, Joseph