Joseph a Doctor of the Church?

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Joseph has a degree in “Reality.” I can’t find it taught anywhere today.  It comes from studying Church teaching, the Bible and understanding Tradition. Then you apply it to current events whenever possible. Try to remember that the Church teaches “All revelation ended with the last book of the Apocalypse, anything of the faith is old not new.” So, what we have here is some what of a paradox. We all believe the AntiChrist will come into the world but we didn’t know who he was until Paul VI signed the heretical decrees of the Council and as I’ve pointed out, at the time, most of us were led into thinking there was only the one main AntiChrist. We have the same problem with the main false prophet, at the time being the Rev. Billy Graham.

The Jews, like us, were looking for the Messiah and Elias and they killed them both, not realizing that St. John the Baptist represented Elias and Jesus the Messiah until it was too late. We have the same problem today with the two witnesses. Most still believe that Enoch & Elias will come back, the problem is where are they? They had to be here along with the first main AntiChrist Paul VI. Could be there’re more than two as well. Cardinals Bacca & Ottaviani qualify, but they’re gone now, so, there has to be two more. And what about the third one? The one who has to measure the Temple, or get the attendance of the faithful left before the end?

What is the true meaning of “hear no evil, see no evil, speak no evil”?  Today’s Catholics seem to express, “Hear no truth, see no truth and speak no truth.”  Jack Nicholson in one of his movies screamed out. “YOU CAN’T HANDLE THE TRUTH!”   ‘Ditto’. I’m sure with most of us Catholics.

In giving the faithful over 21 mysteries of the faith pertaining to our spiritual “Great Apostasy,” it’s not being shouted from the roof tops. More like a little whisper in the dark. It’s paramount to the Jews who knew Jesus, were afraid to mention his name in or around the synagogues for fear of repercussions. What’s funny today is every immoral inclination is being expressed today openly without any fear or threat to one’s welfare. Why is it the evil ones are so bold and Traditionalist are lacking in courage? Most are trying to save a dying sinful world.

God is the God of the living, he never leaves us alone, with or without a pope. The Bible contains what we need to know about the status of the Church today and all the tomorrows until Christ comes back, and Joseph has pointed to all the teachings which reflect the results of the Vatican II Council. “Don’t go to court with me because your going to lose.”

An old Christian saying: During this spiritual Apostasy, it’s the truth that convicts the heretics. The facts and the truth go together and truths always edifies the Church. Again not to defend truth is to suppress it.  Yet, once again, the problems we face came from the Vatican II Council. How is it that most don’t see these popes as The AntiChrists of the Bible? After John Paul II got shot we had more than enough evidence for a conviction (Apocalypse 13:14). There is NO EXCUSE.

The council of Trent tells us that the “Man of Sin WILL BE REVEALED. We all know him as Paul VI. So again my dear follow Catholics, please stop playing games with GOD. I promise you that if my pleas are not heeded you will suffer the up coming continuing plagues of the Apocalypse. When the fire comes down from Heaven the faithful will be protected. But just as those Jews who complained in the desert who did not make it to the promise land, many Traditionalists will not make it either. Woe Woe Woe.

Grace be with you, in Christ, Joseph III