Jewish changes that were made by Christians

images (26)I’m sure, like myself, you always hear the same old complaints about how Christians broke the Law by doing away with the Sabbath.  As a result I decided to look at the whole picture just to set the record straight.

1.To begin with Christians never did away with the Sabbath per-say, but made the Lords Day the primary day of worship. You can thank Moses for the Sabbath Holiday and the Apostles & Constantine for the Lords Day Holidays. Constantine made Sunday a no regular work day.

2.The greatest break in the Jewish law came when the Apostles substituted Baptism for the Circumcision. The Bible says that one cannot be saved without circumcision. Acts 15:1

3. New years day. This is a good one for all. New years day should take place around the time of the creation, between March and April. For Catholics it was around March 24-25. Back then they celebrated for 8 days which ran into April. Pope Gregory the Great in producing an accurate solar calendar moved it to January 1. Those Catholics who kept on celebrating it in March became known as APRIL FOOLS. Ha. Why the Jews have it September is a mystery to me.

4. The first day of the Month for the Jews starts on our 20th day of the Month.

5. Our first hour of the day starts on Midnight, the Jews start theirs at our 6 pm.

6. Our Passover full moon is based on the spring equinox. The first full moon after March 21. Their Passover full moon is always in our April. This year, (2017) we have a late spring full moon and we will have the same full moon at the same time. It will also be as close you can get to the actual date of Christs death by the solar calendar.

7.In writing in Hebrew the Jews wrote from right to left. Christians changed it from left to right.

8. The Jewish males wear beanies or head covering, especially in the Synagogues. Christian men do not wear head covering in Church.

9. Jewish men wore long hair and beards, the Apostles changed it to short hair and optional on beards.

10.For the most part Jewish religious writings were done in Hebrew. Christians changed mostly to Latin.

11. We mark our gold and silver 999 percent pure, for the same reason they would use 666.

12. The Jewish priests had a two horn miter or hat? Their two horns were positioned left and right of the head. Our Bishops have it front and back.

13. They call their place of worship Synagogues and we call ours Churches.

14. The Jews go by the 10 commandments. (The Law) Christians go by the Spirit but we kept the Law for the unbelievers.

15. Here is one we have in common, their faith began with the 10 commandment at the close of Pentecost. The Birthday of the Church began at the close of Pentecost.

Well, here you have it my friends. So when someone complains about how we changed the Sabbath, tell them along with 13 other changes. If I have left anything out feel free to tell me.

Wishing everyone a happy blessed Passover (Full-Moon)…ha ha ha.  In Christ, Joseph