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October 5, 2020 – Within the Octave of All Saints ~ Semidouble Feast ~Interfaith going strong.

Does Francis-Bergoglio Hate the Nativity of Christ?
He Cancels Newvatican’s Christmas, but Attends an Oecumenical Shivaree
From: The TRADITIO Fathers

Francis-Bergoglio Gathered with Heretics and Schismatics
To Desecrate St. Mary Major Archbasilica in Rome
By Praying in Condemned Sycretistic “Prayer”
(“We All Worship the Same Gods;” “All Religions Are True”)
At the Same Time that He Announced
The Cancellation of Newvatican’s Christmas
Except for a “Virtual Liturgy”
At Which only He Will Be Present
Meanwhile, Traditional Catholic Churches
Oratories, and Chapels around the World
Will Be Offering with Full Solemnity
The Traditional Latin Midnight Mass of Christmas
And Perhaps Other Day Masses

Francis-Bergoglio is truly an anti-Catholic. He has canceled Newvatican’s Christmas festivities in favor of a “virtual liturgy,” purportedly because of Coronaphobia. But fears of the Coronavirus did not stop him from breaking the World Health Organization’s two-metre distancing rule at an oecumenical gathering on October 20, 2020, held to celebrate the film Francesco, in which he advocated “civil unions” for sodomites in violation of Catholic moral theology.

The condemned syncretist gathering — which Newvatican likes to call “oecumenical” after the Vatican II Anti-council — featured the usual passel of infidels, pagans, heretics, and schismatic sect heads. Bergoglio himself desecrated the Archbasilica of St. Mary Major by conducting a “prayer service” with heretic Christians, in which number he himself is numbered as being the head of the heretic New Order sect. [Some information for this Commentary was contributed by the Catholic World Report.]

True Catholics, Francis-Bergoglio is shooting his Newvatican in the foot — maybe that is his true intention as a Marxist/Modernist. Newchurchers, only about one in ten of whom even bother to attend the fake (invalid) New Order service, now so brazenly violate the First Commandment of God that Newchurch will never come back, even to its previously enfeebled condition before the Chinese virus. Meanwhile, as Newvatican sinks into oblivion and irrelevance, independent traditional Catholic churches, oratories, and chapels around the world will be offering with full solemnity the Traditional Latin Midnight Mass of Christmas, and perhaps other day Masses. Make plans now to locate a site by clicking on the TRADITIO Network’s Official Traditional Catholic Directory department.

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