In the heart of down town Las Vegas, Saint Joseph’s Catholic Church

In the heart of down town Las Vegas, Saint Joseph’s Catholic Church stands out not only for being a jewel of traditional liturgical beauty, offering solely the Tridentine Latin Mass, but also for its involvement in the community.

On second and fourth Wednesday of June, like every month before, parishioners and volunteers will come together to distribute more than 10 thousand lbs of food to the homeless and needy. The parish also hosts dinners at Thanksgiving and Christmas, serving from 400-500 dinners at each event. During the present financial crisis the hard working families of the parish were hurt particularly harsh and in order to assist these members, the food pantry was started. It has since expanded in its apostolate of a corporal work of mercy to feed the hungry which also gives the community a chance to view St. Joseph’s Catholic Church—not as some cult lost in the labyrinth of antiquity as the Conciliar Church would want to portray the parish, but actively involved in providing food for their bodies as well as their souls as Christ fed the hungry in the wilderness. This is especially unique in so far as Las Vegas is designated the City of Sin. Father James Wilson first opened the Mass center in 1982 in a garage and since then, with Father Courtney Edward Krier, the Church has had a permanent structure on the edge of the Entertainment Center of downtown Las Vegas. Father Krier believes Divine Providence has placed Saint Joseph’s at this location, where hedonism reigns, just like Divine Providence placed the center of Christianity in Rome, where hedonism reigned during the time of St. Peter. You can find St. Joseph’s on the internet at