How Tribalism Leads to Satanism

How Tribalism Becomes Satanism

Everywhere today we see open Satanism being tolerated and even promoted in both the secular and religious spheres. In his Bird’s Eye View of the News, Atila Guimarães points out how the cultural revolution of the 1960s progressed, first into Tribalism and then to its final consequence, Satanism. Did the Catholic Church play a role in this process? Yes, she did. Read how here. MORE

Feminism on the Rise

Feminism is taking giant strides under Francis’ egalitarian papacy. In Austria, women are already stepping up to the altar and pulpit to act as “pastors” of churches. In Brazil, a Bishop invited two Protestant women ‘ministers’ to concelebrate a Mass with him and five fellow Bishops. Then, if you want to see a model of the Vatican II nun, read about Sister Madonna Buder, who runs in marathons and prides herself on completing Ironman triathlons.

The Disappearance of the Necktie

Kaede Lira continues her series on the necktie, a counter-revolutionary symbol that is being abandoned, as if by a command from fashion dictators. In well-illustrated articles, see how the necktie is disappearing from Weddings and Galas, as well as from Horse Races and Fine Art Performances.