In response to Traditio: Government Enemies of the True Faith Are Using

Illuminated Manuscript

Dear Faithful: One has to understand that when government and the Supreme Court ruled to justifiably close down religious institutions, they already had the consent of most of the religious leaders. In our case, AntiChrist false pope Francis had already closed all the Churches. Hello, ‘all roads lead to Rome.’

In Our Own Times Government Enemies of the True Faith Are Using Exaggerated Fears of the Chinese Virus To Close down Churches Indefinitely
August 26, 2020 – St. Zephyrinus, Pope & Martyr ~ Simple Feast

British Archaeological Dig Discovers Artifacts for Illegal Masses. Used during the Time of “Bloody” Elizabeth I, when Catholics Were Murdered for the Faith

From: The TRADITIO Fathers

An Illuminated Manuscript Used in an Illegal Mass
During the Reign of “Bloody” Elizabeth I
It Was Discovered in an Archaeological Dig of a “Priest’s Hole”
The Catholic Mass Was Prohibited in Elizabethan England
Under Penalty of Prison, Torture, and Death
In Our Own Times Government Enemies of the True Faith
Are Using Exaggerated Fears of the Chinese Virus
To Close down Churches Indefinitely

At an archaeological dig at Oxburgh Hall, a moated Tudor mansion in Norfolk, England, thousands of artifacts have been found, including manuscripts and music to celebrate illegal Catholic Masses. The hidden artifacts for Mass were .hidden under the floorboards of the estate’s attic. When “Bloody” Elizab1eth I persecuted, imprisoned, tortured, and brutally murdered Catholics during her reign (1558-1603), some Catholics escaped to the Continent, but others continued to celebrate Mass in secret in England.

The owners of the estate, the Bedingfelds, hid priests in a secret “priest hole” at their home and participated in secret masses. The religious artifacts discovered in the attic may have been used in these illegal services. Among the greatest treasures discovered was a parchment fragment with gold leaf and blue ink that contained the Latin Vulgate text of Psalm 39, probably from a book used to celebrate the Divine Office.

The Bedingfelds were devout Catholics, persecuted for their Faith after “Bloody” Elizabeth succeeded Mary Tudor, who vigorously attempted to reverse the English Protestant Revolution. She attempted to restore to the Catholic Church the property stolen from it by her father, King Henry VIII, who apostatized from the Faith and was excommunicated by Pope Paul III. The Bedingfelds refused to sign the Act of Uniformity, which outlawed the Catholic Mass in England. [Some information for this Commentary was contributed by the Smithsonian Magazine.]

True Catholics, these artifacts, speaking of a time when the government persecuted Catholics for the Mass, remind us of the current time, in which anti-Catholic government officials are using exaggerated fears of the Chinese Virus as an excuse to close down churches indefinitely and to persecute Catholics once again. In the Spanish Influenza of 1918, churches were closed only for a month or so, even though the death toll was over 50,000,000, whereas the toll from the Chinese Virus is around 750,000 — only one per cent of the 1918 number.