God and Hitler had nothing in common

Re: “GOP the party of religious fundamentalists.” (Letters, Jan. 10)

Torrance Daily Breeze News
Ron Lowe’s letter calling the Republican Party religious fundamentalists and accusing them of “sliding into Nazi mentality in the name of God and Country,” shows ignorance of the facts. God and Hitler had nothing in common. The slogan was “One people, one Country, One leader.”

I was a school girl in Austria when my country was absorbed into the German Reich. The first day of school we noticed the crosses on the walls had been removed, the Catholic instruction class we had everyday was eliminated and our greetings of “God greets you” was now “Heil Hitler” so no connection to God, Mr. Lowe. Of course, correct speech was mandatory if you wanted to keep your job or it could even close your business. Does that remind you what’s happening in this country now?
You call Republican’s anti-immigration – anti-gay, anti-abortion, white, religious, “Master Race” bigots. Hillary Clinton called Robert Byrd a long time member of the Democratic Senate and the member of KKK her mentor.
Our Constitution, which allows us freedom of speech is so important. Please do not forbid it to those you disagree with.
Hildigard Kurtz, Rolling Hills Estates