From Challoner’s Meditations: NOVEMBER 1. On the feast of all the saints.

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CONSIDER first, that on this day the church of God honors with a solemn festival, the virtues, the triumphs and the eternal jubilee of all the saints and citizens of the heavenly Jerusalem. 1. in order to give glory and praise on their account to the God of all the saints, and to his Son Jesus Christ, the author of all their virtues: 2. to encourage all her children to walk in their footsteps, in hopes of the like reward: 3. to teach them to join in the mean time, in a holy communion with them; and to procure the assistance of their prayers and intercession.

Consider, secondly, that all these holy ones, whose feast we celebrate this day, are entered into the never-ending joys of their Lord, at a very cheap rate: the yoke of his divine service, which they bore for the short time of their pilgrimage, was very sweet to them; and their burden very light. Grace and love made all things easy, which they did for their beloved. He himself supported them in such manner, as to carry both tham and their crosses too, upon his own shoulders. My soul, hast not thou the same God as they had? Hast not thou the same Saviour, Jesus Christ? Hast thou not all the same helps and means of grace as they had! Why then mayest not thou also, aspire to the same happiness and glory?
Consider, thirdly, that as divine love is the great principle of all sanctity; so we have before our eyes this day the bright example of millions of heavenly lovers, to excite us to love : This most amiable and ever blessed Virgin; these innumerable legions of angelic spirits; these cherubim and seraphim, all on fire with love; these patriarchs and prophets; these apostles of the Lamb, sent by him to spread over all the earth the bright flames of love; those armies of martyrs, who all laid down their lives for love; those millions of holy, confessors : in a word, all those spotless virgins, the spouses of divine love; whose love of God was stronger than death. may our frozen hearts receive some warmth at least, from all their flames.
Conclude to love, honor and imitate the saints of God. Thus shall you experience their powerful intercession at present, and enjoy their blissfull society hereafter.