Fr. Daniel Cooper’s rebuttal of Joseph’s letter now R.I.P.

Since father Cooper died on my names sake day of St. Joseph the Worker, is this a signal Grace of my corrected action.  May 1, 2018 RIP

Joseph,                                                                                         Tuesday, April 25, 2017, 9:49 AM
Why such a title to this email? Would you have said anything if they used a Protestant church, a funeral home or a VFW hall? Think about it, your title is just another unfair attack on the SSPX. They had to use a large building of some type, somewhere in Buffalo. I cannot see how the use of one of the types I listed would have been more proper. And you should know the SSPX after these 46+ years would never use the
Novus Ordo table, only the old altar.

I think you should start supporting the SSPX. Our Society has given you the Sacraments for years.  Who knows, you may have gone to hell without the Sacraments were it not for the SSPX. Why are you attacking it, especially when it is so clear from the story that a lot of good came out of the use of the church, and they really had no other option besides?
During these dark days, we need to be united in our Savior.
Remember St. Augustine’s addage: “In certis, unitas” (in things certain,
let us have unity) “In dubiis, libertas” (in things
doubtful, liberty) “In omnibus, caritas” (but in all things, charity)
Your old friend from Arcadia,
Fr. Daniel Cooper
Dear Father Daniel Cooper SSPX:
I wish you well and hope you are  recovering from your illnesses.
I came to SSPX in order to help them understand the serious nature of the Vatican II Church. I am the reason for the Sede Vacantist position in the Traditional Catholic movement. The reason being is I was able to identify these Vatican II popes in the Bible as the AntiChrists. So for the leadership of sspx to continue to pretend that these popes are still popes is paramount to saying that the Vatican II Church is still Catholic. Why even my findings on the Lord’s return was attacked from the pulpit by Father De Meyer, “No one knows when the end will come and God does not want us to know when He will return.”
The Harper-Collins Encyclopedia of Catholicism 1991 States under the Vatican II Council # 9, Nostra Aetate, “God uses other Christian Churches and Non Christian Religions in offering salvation to humankind: the Catholic Church is not the only means of salvation.” This alone excommunicates Paul VI.
I wish you well. Your a good priest but the only thing keeping me out of hell is Mortal Sin and as a Son of God cannot commit. You will find the necessary evidence which condemns the Vatican Council II on my web site under my categories.
You are in my prayers, as always.

In Christ, Joseph B.D. Saraceno