Fr. Casimir Puskorius CMRI, 31st ordination anniversary on July 1st.

CMRI has been lucky to have such a gifted priest as Father Casimir who is the Pastor of Mount St. Michael’s community and school. Very few of the Fathers are as charitable, kind and humble as Father Casimir.
I knew his Father Jonas who at the time was promoting an anti Bolshevik magazine before the family moved to Spokane, Washington.
May he have many days here on earth, or at least till Christ come back, ha.

Send him an email or write and wish him the best.
Cheers. In Christ, Joseph
Fr. Casimir Puskorius Pastor –;
Mount St. Michael
8500 N. St. Michael’s Road
Spokane, WA. 99217-9333

Preserving the authentic Traditional Catholic Faith and Traditional Latin Mass: CMRI