For a half Century, Joseph has been warning Catholic’s on Christs return & the End of this World

It was in July 1968 when I first became aware of the changes of the Vatican II Council and being aware of the Scriptural Prophecies I told those Traditionalists then, that this could be the “Great Apostasy,” spoken of by St. Paul in 2 Thessalonians: 2:3.

It wasn’t until January or February 1970 that I was able to assess the timeline, when the Lord would come back on Pentecost Sunday. Once realized, from the Traditional Bishops at that time, there was no contradiction of Church teaching so long as I didn’t pick the year. Henceforth, I immediately started preaching my findings. My only regret was I didn’t get it in writing until Bishop McKenna in 2007. RIP. Because of my finding I helped add credibility to the Sede Vacante position as I was able to point out where in the Bible these Vatican II Anti-Christ popes were.

In the past, the following are a list of Traditional Catholic newspapers which have run my ads, “Christ’s Return & the Beast of the Apocalypse.” 
Veritas  1973: (This one stated an article; The Great Chastisement & Second Coming on Pentecost Sunday).
Spotlight around 1975 – The National Educator 1989 – The Maryfaithful  1984 – The Remnant 1984 – The Wanderer 1993 – Catholic news out of Australia printed my Article “Sede Vacante–a Title or a Definition.”  Year 2000; The Four Marks, (which I helped get started). 2005: The Catholic Family News would not because I clashed with John Vennari. RIP

Two priests endorsed my booklet from the pulpit; Father Patrick Perez  and Msgr Raymond Ruscitto.

Besides the two I just mentioned, the ones I can recollect, the Priests who put my booklet out in their Churches; Father Dolan, (now Bishop Dolan). Father Malito, Father Krier, Father Trinchard, Bishop Macek, Father Adan Rodriguez, Father Vaillancourt. With CMRI under Bishop Schuckardt and Father Denis I was limited to any individual who desired to hear my findings. 

Finally, over the years I’ve given at least 19 Mysteries of the faith which without the Vatican II Council would have been impossible. From naming the Anti-Christs, false prophets and the day and week of the general judgment.

So now, Traditionalists have been informed and warned for just over 50 years. Normally one would think that these revelations would have be welcomed with joy among Catholics. Lamentably, the opposite is true. What happens is pride and ego move in and most think that this can be turned around, voicing some excuse to this effect. A weak mind can become Satan’s playground.

Continuously through the years, I’ve pointed catastrophic weather conditions and sinful behavior were Apocalyptic, well thank God for plagues like locusts, even invasions of crows, the H5N1 bird flu and currently the Coronavirus. Yes, thank God! Because of what’s coming next just might finally be the ‘Fire from Heaven’. Remember again, the faithful will be protected from this. Regardless, it’s the angels who determine who the faithful are. Woe woe woe, may God have mercy on those who cheat on the truth when the fire comes down from Heaven.

Another reason I picked this month to write this article is because of the honor denied St. Joseph up until just 200 years ago. And since I carry his name I’m happy and glad that I’ve made it up to him for the neglect given to him by the world.

In Christ, God’s servant, Joseph     3-31-20