Christ the King | Saint Francis de Sales Parish

Jesus Christ is fully the spiritual King of all mankind, for He is the giver of life, the maker of law, the supreme judge and ruling authority, in the minds and wills and hearts of human beings.

He is King of mankind by natural  right, because He is the divine maker and sustainer of the universe and He took human nature unto His divine Person, He is King by acquired right, because he redeemed mankind by the sacrifice of His body and blood.

The Lamb of God, from the throne of His cross, reunited all peoples. Although formerly separated by sin, they became one kingdom, one family, and prospective members of one Mystical Body. (1)  

Kings would seem to belong to former times. They have their role in the growth of countries and peoples: but today we no longer find them vital factors in society of many countries.

What did Pope Pius XI  intend by establishing this feast in 1925, in addition to writing an encyclical? As he himself points out, a celebration makes a teaching more vital than a letter. The feast occurs every year: a document is easily read and forgotten.

For this feast Pius XI assembled and stressed very ancient traditions of the Church about Christ’s Kingship from the Bible, Liturgy, and Christian life. In the Old Testament God is a great King (Jer. 31; Zac. 14-9-16) In the new Testament the everlasting messianic Kingdom is proclaimed. (Lk:1:33) When Christ began His public life He said that He was establishing His Kingdom. (Matt. 4.17; 22:41-466). He insists on the spirituality of His dominion (Matt’ 5:3-12; Jn. 16:33-39).  In the liturgy, the invocation “Kyrie” addressed to Christ is the usual title for Kings and emperors.

As for Christian life , St. Benedict describes his rule for monks as a service to Christ the King. St. Ignatius founded his Company of Jesus as the militia of Christ the King.

Christ is now and always the King. He combines in himself all legislative, executive  and judicial power. “All authority has been given me in heaven and on earth” (Matt. 28:18) Christ’s kingship is now exercised  especially through the Sacraments. (2)  

Angels and human beings, things visible and invisible, are under the Kingship of Christ, for He is truly God, the Creator and Redeemer of mankind. By His Crucifixion. Jesus ransomed all souls from sin. By the ceremony of baptism, He goes on adopting BELIEVERS for the eternal embrace. (Col: 1:12-20). (1)  

Christ does not want to rule without us; He wants our co-operation. Through grace, we reflect the glory of Christ’s kingdom. We must understand that although our religion begins with us individually, it has great social dimensions. By leading a truly Christian life we witness to Christ’s kingdom before the community that this is our personal responsibility. (2).  

Grace be with you, in Christ Joseph  

1 Maryknoll Missal 1959–2. St. Andrews Bible Missal  1960