Father? Malachi Martin Radio show statements

Lectures or Talks by Father? Malachi Martin Radio show. Read  what he says & compare. Only one side of tape.

Q. When will the Pope come back and be a real Apostle, he will come back but not in our time.
Once your in the Great Apostasy the AntiChrists control the papacy until Christ comes back. Church teaching. No turn around.

Nothing wrong with altar girls.

Chastisement, chastisement, chastisement, didn’t happen when it was supposed to.
There are many Chastisements before the End of the World. The last one will be the Fire which will seem like it’s coming from the Sun.

Maitreya,,,not the AntiChrist but the precursor of the AntiChrist.
Paul VI was the “Son of perdition,” and John 23 the precursor of the AntChrists. And I prove it as well in my writings and lectures.

Pope equal among Bishops.
Vatican has made an irreversible mistake, yes  as regards to the way doctrines should be taught,,Transmitted authority to the Bishops.
This was really done by Paul VI and the Vatican II council

European Union has anti Christan laws.
But John Paul II insisted that all the European Catholic countries join the European Union.

St. Anthanaisus and the Arian heresy was part of the Apostasy.
Too confusing. The Great Apostasy for told for the end times was started By Paul VI, the first Pope in the history of the world to break in- fallibility and if he wasn’t the Pope then the line of successors has been broken,  the first time in history.  Vatican I

In mentioning John 23 Fatima’s speech? at the council, Oct 11-62 “Prophets of doom,” etc. In speaking about Jn. 23’s death he says, “God bless him he’s with God now, in some form ?”
How can he say, God bless him he’s with God now? Is he prejudging?  One of many crazy statements.

Garbandal 1963. The Fatima secret will be revealed. (Joke)  Akita, Japan.  Batanyce? Venezuela, Nasera, So. Korea??
Is this his Catholic Faith? Private revelation.

Least we forget Fr.Martin was one of  Cardinal Bea’s staff member which worked on “Nostra Aetate,” schema on the Jews and had to promote it.

The book Clerical error just puts icing on the cake.

I hope you can understand my view point. The hour of decision is coming in the next few years and it’s going to be win or lose for many Catholics.

In Christ, Joseph