Father Francis Miller’s letter to Father Dan Jones & his response 1988

In this response from Father Jones, he may not have realized at the time but he gave out one of the mystery’s of the “Book of the Apocalypse”. The two horns of AntiChrist. This comes from St. Zachary’s prediction that St. John the Baptist was born as “a horn of salvation”, which means he is a prophet. Now after Christ established the papacy, major prophets became obsolete, because every pope is the number one high priest & king, prophet and doctor. So when John Paul I took the name of two previous anti-popes, he gave himself two horns of heretic prophets.” He has two Horns like those of a lamb but speaks as a Dragon. Apocalypse 13:11. I have this article “The Two Horns of AntiChrist & AntiChrists,” on my web site under. Apostasy & the Beast.