End Time Prophecy’s of the Fathers and Doctors of the Church

1: The future conversion of the Jews to the Faith

Many Jews have been converted over the years but since the Jewish nation in 1948 I doubt any of these Jews will be converted. The only reason we have the Jewish Nation now is to set up the AntiChrist climax to Christs return and if anything the new Church has accepted them as part of the faith without conversion. Certainly they are not going to become Traditional Catholics.
The AntiChrist, False Prophet, with the heads of many Religions and the Two Witnesses will all gather in Jerusalem for the inter-faith gospel before Christs comes back.

2. The General Preaching of the Christian Religion all over the earth.

If this hasn’t been done already, at one time or another, and before Vatican Council II, it’s impossible now since the Church has been reduced to the Remnant few and gone into the wilderness. Also, no Pope for some and for the most part the new Church does not evangelize anymore anyway.

3. The return of Enoch and Elias.

First of all nobody comes back to this world body and soul until the general judgment and no one ever has, unless you want to count our Lord. Also when the faith speaks of two witnesses, they are two together at the same time, not two different time periods, as Enock the seventh from Adam and Elias
hundreds of years later.The only reason these two are mentioned is because they never died.
The two witnesses at the time of our Lord were our Lord and John the Baptist. Also, if anything, the two witnesses were needed here at the conclusion of the Vatican II Council, not 50 years later. This allusion of the three year reign of the AntiChrist is mistaken for the length of time of the Vatican II Council in Apocalypse,13: 5. These are moon months.
In as much as both Cardinals Ottaviani & Bacci were two witnesses, they didn’t condemn Paul VI as the “Man of Sin” like others have.

4. A Great Apostasy and the Reign of Anti-Christ;

The definition of Apostasy, a total abandonment of the faith, isn’t whats meant in the Bible, whats meant is an Apostate Church, a Schism as a result of Heresy’s coming from the Vatican II Council. All indications point to about 50 year reign.. 2 Timothy 4. Also this “Reign of AntiChrists” starts with Paul VI. All of these AntiChrist popes are listed in the Bible. Pope John XXIII is the precursor of the AntiChrists and is the one who opens the gates of hell in Apocalypse 9:1-3. The Vatican II Council

5. Extraordinary Disturbances of Nature; and A Universal Conflagration.

Since the close of the Vatican II Council, mother nature has been out of control. All of these natural disasters have been addressed by those afflicted by them as, “In all my years I never saw anything this bad.” Including the droughts everywhere. And there is no let up. We seem to be going into the disease phase, with scabies, marsa, bed bugs and the flu epidemic. Think of what happened to Egypt with Moses, only it’s world wide. One good note, the Biblical chastisement of fire, that will seem to come from the sun, is directed at the enemies of the church, not the faithful.

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Grace be with you, In Christ, Joseph