Dr. J, Vernon McGee ,Father Kramer- Anti Christ will do away with “Capital Punishment”

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Dr. J,  Vernon McGee in his radio show the Bible Bus, stating  in The Apocalypse on 2-10-21 That the “The Anti Christ will will do away with ‘Capital Punishment'” bringing about a loss of justice. Here below, Father Kramer says the same thing, “”The Anti Christ will de Christianize  Nations.” Doing away with Christian Laws. And did not (St.) John Paul II do just that, abolish Capital Punishment. ‘Hello’.

FROM THE BOOK OF DESTINY  And St. Alphonsus Liguouri 
Wasn’t it Paul VI who tried to eliminate the True Mass and Priesthood? The book of the Apocalypse 18:5 confirms this. “For her sins have reached even into Heaven. “Because the Mass is Heaven  on earth? As Father Kramer writes: “Heaven is the Church,” page 409. Doctor and Saint, Alphonsus Liguouri states that one of the first things the Anti Christ would do is to try to Abolish the Mass.(1)   Did not Paul VI ignore the “Ottaviani Intervention? Did not Paul VI promulgate the “Declaration on Religious Liberty,” written with the help of Cardinal Wojtyla (Later J-P 2) and protested against by many Bishops  at the council. (2)  Did not Paul VI force the Catholic Countries to change their constitutions  for the new Secular Democracy. Father Kramer admits, “The Anti Christ will de Christianize  Nations.” (p.378). Does not the Vatican II Council teach that “Other Religions offer salvation.” (3) All of these Vatican II popes are encouraging Catholic Nations to join up with the God-less European Union. Christ confirms that during these times we would have “many False Christs and False Prophets.” Matt. 24:5-13. Father Kramer states on Anti Christ, ” It will be easy to recognize him in his doctrines & works, there will be no more excuse for ignorance.
And of course, the Faithfull will not follow the Heretics .