Don’t thank me, thank my SON JESUS

I can hear it now. There he goes again. The kooky guy from California. A friend once said that if you were to put Traditional Catholics in a circle and hand them all guns, they’d shoot each other.

Traditional Catholics are supposed to be the LIGHTHOUSE of the world but most are FOG HORNS. A good case in mind is the latest meteorite that is heading towards earth. No mind over the Apocalyptic weather conditions wiping out the world down here. As long as it’s somewhere else, most don’t give a damn.

 To explain my original title, for those of you who are unaware of Joseph’s contributions to the faith. Let me just briefly explain, that as a result of the Vatican Council II, I have given the Catholic community over 21 mysteries of the Faith. Everywhere from the week of the Testimonial general judgment to who the precursor of the AntiChrist was, and listing those Anti-Christ popes in the Bible, (note one cannot be an Anti-Christ if he’s not a priest) because it means, God against God. Caiphas was the very first Anti-Christ,  this is the true source of the meaning. I also named one of the Main false prophets of the Bible and I prove everything I preach. I only wish I could take those who contradict me into a court of law but the courts won’t hear cases on religious theology. It’s like telling the Greek and Russian Orthodox, but you don’t have a full moon for your Easter, Duh.

 When God called me, he didn’t tell me he was going to make me a Prophet. He got me so mad at him, I shook my hand to Heaven and challenged His existence. This one priest asked me, then what happened. I replied, I have been working for him ever since. Mind you, this was in the early 60’s. Before my awareness of the upcoming of the Vatican II Council. Trust me I was in training for about seven years. In the field and studying, at the time, in confronting the immorality of those times.

 I didn’t become aware of the evils of the Council until July 1968. It was then I realized why God was training me. I immediately informed those Traditionalists involved that this could be the Great Apostasy St. Paul was talking about and gave my immediate support for a Sede Vacante position. As God’s prophet, it is my responsibility to watch over the faithful and guide the Church. (We have no Pope) I earned the nick name of, (The Notorious Joseph) so deserving a title, I thought and I don’t want to add salt to the wounds that the angels have inflicted upon the Fathers because of me.

 Now to get back to God’s Father. What would you say if God asked you to be His Father? I can’t remember the date, most likely in the late 70’s? Of course I was puzzled at this request and my way out of this was, I’m not sure I understand your request so let me sleep on it.  Now I know why all the Joseph’s had to SLEEP on it for the answers but it worked. My mind was telling me, it’s bad enough that I’m a prophet, this is just going to add to the fire, but then it came to me. O gosh, he’s not asking me to be His Father, you see, every priest is a Jesus and he is just elevating my rank to a more legitimate position in my undertaking of the faith. I’m to be the Father of the Priests. I’m doing that anyway. Ha. So my dear friends as you all are aware that all relate to Our Lady as your spiritual Mother, so now I have the privilege of relating to her as my Spiritual Wife.  Wait  I’m not finished. I was aware or at least suspected, yes I have a triple Crown. This I cannot reveal, but if you guess it right and tell me your source, I will let you know if your right, but you must keep it low keyed or face God’s wrath.

So my friends, let’s stop being fog horns and become light houses, there are a lot of good Catholics out there but few Catholic Soldiers and if the need for Catholic Solders was ever needed in Church history it is defiantly needed more so now than ever before in Church history because of these Apocalyptic End Times.

Grace be with you, in Christ Joseph