Diabolical protection and gun control another reply

Oh you of little faith, how long will I be with you?
To under stand the spirits you need to understand that the more laws you need the more pagan society is.
Societies become pagan because of the lack of grace. This country has lost it’s senses over what is right or wrong today. As a result we have to make more laws to protect the community. Also the Church in the past gave us diabolical protection through out the world, for the most part. Through the Sacraments. That’s gone now and it will most likely get worse. That’s why we have to get ready for the Great Chastisement of fire.

By limiting the clips to 6 bullets takes more time to kill people which in turn gives others more time to escape or over come the shooter and  as  Catholics we have to prevent in any way we can, this senseless slaughter of people from the increase of deranged people.
I had more complaints over this gun control issue then I got in over a year from anything else. Which goes to prove that Catholics are more worried about their ASS then about their SOUL.

God bless, the prophet, Joseph