Corporate America share blame for Republican Losses

Cooperative America in their quest for profits failed, lacked Charity and forgot their obligation to the American workforce.

Time was company benefits were taken for granted, health & dental insurance, pension funds and vacations. Many companies began hiring part time worker to avoid paying benefits. When money became tight the business community and the federal government should have worked together in order to elleviate the problem.

Obama’s victory is a reflection of the working man’s disenchantment with the sorry state of employment opportunities and the Republican party got the blame.

American workers need to share the blame as most Americans are prone to buying foreign products especially the biggest economic commodity, of automobiles to the extent that we will be lucky to keep our three major auto industries. There was and old saying, so goes general motors so goes the country. I would also add, “what goes around comes around.”

Hopefully some day Americans will learn from their mistakes. Let’s hope President Change and the new congress follow through.

Joseph B. D. Saraceno

Nov: 2008