Clarification of the opposition LEADERS to the Vatican II Council

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Why did Cardinals Ottaviani and Bacci proceed to offer the New Mass anyway? If the Ottaviani Intervention was sufficient to establish the crime of heresy of Paul VI?

Their complaint was only that it was problematic, but they ended up tolerating it. I do not know of one Church Theologian who believes that Paul VI’s rejection of the Ottaviani Intervention was sufficient to establish Paul VI’s crime of heresy. Do you?

Otherwise, Ottaviani and Bacci would have declared Paul VI to be a formal heretic, and they would have refused to say the New

Clarification of the opposition LEADERS to the Vatican II Council

When Pope Paul VI rejected the “Ottaviani Intervention,” on November 19, 1969,  he also rejected all of the RELIGIOUS who were in defiant to the Vatican II Council. On this day he said “that using the new rites was an act of obedience, a fact of coherence with the church itself, a step forward in its authentic tradition, a demonstration of fidelity and vitality to which ALL MUST PROMPTLY ADHERE..” Now this is from a Pope who called it a PASTROL COUNCIL.Pope John XXIII put the Council on the same level as all others.. One good thing from this was Pope Paul VI delay of implementation to 1971.

Cardinal Ottaviani had many Cardinals backing him but by the time he presented the papers, only Cardinal Bacci was left. Like all of the Apostles who ran away when they came to arrest Jesus Christ.

Cardinal Ottaviani was 79 in 1969 in semi-retirement and going blind. It was Father  Des Lauries who drew up the “Ottaviani Intervention.”

Cardinal Bacci was 84 in retirement and in the Hospital in September 1969 and died in 1971. So to say that these two Cardinals were saying or approving the New Mass is nothing less then SLANDER.

New Mass was voted down at the council,  Pope Paul VI got around the vote, at the time Cardinal Ottaviani who never lost caste, examined the text of the vandalized version, and found that it contained some twenty heresies. Everyone forgot there was 3 versions of the new Mass in the beginning. “Broken Cross” by Piers Compton, page 120.

Pope Paul VI new Canons 354 (for cardinals that head up dicasteries or other permanent Vatican institutes) and Canon 401 (for diocesan bishops independent of being a cardinal) of the 1983 Code of Canon Law, set a retirement age of 75. Cardinals who are members of dicasteries or other permanent Vatican institutes are expected to retire when they turn 80.

Michel-Louis Guérard des Lauriers – Wikipediaérard_des_Lauriers
Michel Louis Guérard des Lauriers, O.P. (1898 – February 27, 1988) was a Dominican … In 1969 he co-authored the Ottaviani Intervention which was a critical study of the new Mass. In 1970 Pope Paul VI made public a document demanding …

In February 1982, in Munich’s Sankt Michael church, Archbishop Thục issued a declaration that the Holy See in Rome was vacant.
In May 1981 Thục consecrated a French priest, Michel Louis Guerard des Lauriers, as bishop.[31] Des Lauriers was a Dominican, an expert on the dogma of the Assumption and advisor to Pope Pius XII,[32] and former professor at the Pontifical Lateran University. In October 1981, he consecrated two Mexican priests and former seminary professors, Moisés Carmona (of Acapulco) and Adolfo Zamora (of Mexico City).[33] Both of these priests were convinced that the Papal See of Rome was vacant and the successors of Pope Pius XII were heretical usurpers of papal office and power. In February 1982, in Munich’s Sankt Michael church, Archbishop Thục issued a declaration that the Holy See in Rome was vacant, intimating that he desired a restoration of the hierarchy to end the vacancy. However, his newly consecrated bishops became a fragmented group. Many limited themselves essentially to sacramental ministry and only consecrated a few other bishops.Ngô Đình Thục –

In June 1988 Archbishop Lefebver’called the see of Peter occupied by ANTICHRISTS.
Catholic           June 1988
Archbishop Lefebver’s letter to the future Bishop written, 12 June 1988.
Adveniat Regnum Tuum
To: Frs. Williamson, Tissier de Mallcrais, Fellay, de Gallareia.

My Dear Friends,
The See of Peter and posts of authority in Rome being occupied by anti-Christ’s, the destruction of the Kingdom of Our Lord is being rapidly carried out even within His Mystical Body here below, especially through the corruption of the Holy Mass which is both the splendid expression of the triumph of Our Lord on the Cross, “Regnavit a Ligno Deus”, and the source of the extension of His Kingdom over souls and over societies. Hence the absolute need appears obvious of ensuring the permanency and continuation of the adorable Sacrifice of Our Lord in order that “His Kingdom, Come”. The corruption of the Holy Mass has brought the corruption of the priesthood and the universal decadence of Faith in the Divinity of Our Lord Jesus Christ.

You see my friends it’s easy to point the finger to those in the past, but unless you lived and saw how the council was manipulated in almost every area and Paul VI was also clever enough to allow those elderly retired Fathers to continue saying the True Mass.

Now you know why our Lord said, “Unless those days be shortened.” Not even the elect would be saved. The elect are those Catholics who refuse to have anything to do what the New Apostate Church.

Grace be with you, in Christ, Joseph