Catholic Suggestions for these End Times

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For those who cannot attend Daily Mass
1. Prayer daily, the Rosary if possible.

2: Read the readings and Gospel in your Missal for each day of the week.
If you don’t have a daily missal then read a passage or two in the New Testament. Go through the whole book, over and over again tell the end.

3. Fasting is most important. Once a week if you can. At least once a month.
Start in the A.M. and finish about 5 pm. Liquids can be had all day.

4. Stand up for the truth and spread the Good News of our Lord’s return on
Pentecost Sunday. This will take place after the Great Biblical Chastisement of Fire. It will seem like it’s coming from the Sun for those afflicted. The faithful will be protected. Remember Rome is planning to date set Easter in April and this could give us different Easters,(depending on the Moon), and Pentecost Sundays.
There is only one Major Prophecy left, that I can think of. That is of opening a second Papal Office in Jerusalem.or the inter-faith gathering there with the AntiChrist  pope and the other major religions.

One other suggestion, keep out of debt as much as you can.